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03 Dl1000 'sticks' at ~3500 RPM after throttle is closed?

If anyone has any ideas, I'd REALLY appreciate it; I've had a few close encounters with the bike, and don't want to ride it until I get it fixed.

Recently I took my bike to the local dealer and had the valves adjusted, TB's sync'd and clutch basket replaced under warranty for my 2k3 DL1000. Everything felt great when I got it back, and the bike ran noticably smoother with the sync. However, several times on the ride home, when traveling specifically around 3500 RPM, when I would let off the throttle the engine would stick at ~3500 RPM. At first I thought the throttle was sticking, but it was completely disengauged with free play and I could feel the throttle stop. Also, I would pull in the clutch and the revs would still stay at ~3500. However, if I chopped the throttle, the engine would drop back to ~1200 as normal.

The wierd think is that it felt like the idle adjusted itself up, then back to normal. If instead of chopping the throttle while this happened, I instead moved it slowly, the throttle would immediately raise the RPM above ~3500, as if the ECU had compensated for a new base RPM (instead of having some free play in the throttle to get back to the throttle engaugement point where that RPM would be achieved if the bike was running normally).

So, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking it has something to do with the TB sync the dealer did (can't imagine the valve adj. or clutch basket replacement affecting anything), but this is my first FI bike so I'm not well informed. If it's any help, I have a power commander on the bike with the proper map (which worked great before this), so not sure what else it could be. Thanks!!!!
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Sounds to me like you need your throttle cables adjusted! I know from what you said, that the throttle seemed to snap all the way back "with free play", but the cables could still need adjusted. The throttle is VERY touchy on the Strom, if you haven't already noticed. I don't see how the TB synch could affect your throttle like that. Did they also mess with your throttle position sensor?

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Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

I have a very similar problem with my 02 DL1000. It started at my 600 mile and after having TBs synched. I had it to my original dealer, another dealer, and an independant mechanic. They were all either baffled or looked at me like I had three heads. One dealer insisted that this could not happen and that they would not believe me unless I rode past them and showed them.

Mine is specific to third gear, and most easily reproduced by moderate acceleration up to third. The bike seems to think it is at about 20% throttle, but the throttle is closed. I have used it as a "cruise control".

If I pull in the clutch revs go way up. If I SHIFT GEARS either way it goes right back to normal, thus dispelling any stuck throttle notions. If I ride aggresively it doesn't generally occur (never down that low RPMS).

My cold idle is also too high, which may or may not be related.

Now that I have a garage and a place to look at it myself, I'm going to get in there with a multimeter and check out the various parts that could be involved. Probably weekend after next. I'll post back if I find anything interesting.

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Wow that's weird. So the throttle snaps back correctly with just a small amount of free-play in the cables right?

I noticed on my Strom when I bought it that the cables would sometimes "snag" themselves on the front brake fluid resovour. You may want to take a look at this. I had to rotate the throttle assembly forward to prevent this.

I just synced my throttle bodies with no problems like this. I wonder if they adjust something incorrectly (like the wrong adjustment screw) if that could cause it? Ask the dealer to tell you exactly what they adjusted and that you think they did something wrong because now this is happening. Since bobpond says the same thing happened with his after a TB sync, I'm thinking even more that they may have messed with the wrong adjustment screw (like I almost did) during the adjustment. Ask them if that other screw could cause this and if so to readjust it for you.

Good luck! Let us know what it is.

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I'm going to tear into it early next week (been to busy to try and get into it now) and re-sync the TB's, readjust the TPS, replace and adjust the throttle cables, and check if there is anything else that could have been mis-adjusted. The reason for the throttle cable replacement was because I remembered a similar thing happening on one of my XR650R's, when I smashed the cable and pinched the inner metal winding, thus permanently hindering the throttle. Doubt that's the problem, but the $35 for both is worth not rear-ending a car. I'll report back when or if I figure it out next week.
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I really think that the way too fast high-idle I've got and the "cruise control" feature, and less than great MPG are all related.

I don't see that the adjusters for TPS, STP, fast idle and TB sync are close enough to mess up, turning one instead of the other, but I'm having a lot of trouble matching service manual pictures up, so I'll need to get the tank and air box off the bike to see what's what.

I'm also having some trouble understanding the procedures for obtaining the various resistance measure needed, but I figure that I won't change anything unless I understand what I'm doing, so maybe when I get in there it will make more sense.

Or at least I can come back here and ask a better question :lol:
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OcotilloWells -

Not to get way off topic, but you said you have a K3 and you just now had the clutch basket replaced under warranty?

May I ask - HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT? 1) on a 3 yr old bike with a 1 yr warranty (I guess you bought an extended?) and 2) for an issue that most every dealer and suzuki refuses to warranty.

Any info would be appreciated. It's the lone thing on my '02 that has not been fixed and it's getting to the point of driving me bonkers.

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update after some changes

I wasn't able to do the fast idle adjustment based upon voltages as per the service manual this mast weekend, I could not find the right connector to measure, and even if I did, I need to get some copper wire to stick into the connector to get proper measurements when everything is plugged in.

I decided that it would be better than nothing to follow the guidelines in the manual about ambient temperature and fast idle rpms and adjusted the fast idle accordingly.

So far this week I have not been able to elicit the "cruise control" bug/feature, and I could get it pretty regurlarly, so I'm thinking that something about that screw's adjustment is involved. I still think TPS and STV are involved, but I'll know better with more investigation. I wish I had the code from the ECM because then I would really know what's going on.

This weekend I'll tear off the whole top end again and try to find the right places to check. After about 3PM on Sunday I get antsy because I need to get the thing together for Monday's commute.
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