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post #1 of 16 Old 10-23-2005, 11:45 PM
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I screwed something up

I was working on my reaction and acceleration time today, and i think i hurt the tranny. It feels like the clutch is half in all the time now...i've checked the clutch cable and its fine, and i changed the oil (to make sure there wasnt anything in it, indicating a serious problem) and it was clean...although a bit dark looking for only having 1500 miles on this oil change.
i'm gonna talk with the dealer tuesday (they arent open monday)...its still under warranty, so there shouldnt be any trouble there...i'm thinkin it may be related to 2nd gear slipping.

any thoughts on what the problem might be? i've got a day to fix it myself, heh.

i'm also gonna ask if i can get a loaner bike while they fix it...doubt they'll go for it, but theres no harm in asking.
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post #2 of 16 Old 10-24-2005, 05:37 PM
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Is it a 650? The 1000 have a hydraulic clutch.

The oil will darken almost immediately, don't worry about it.

When you say "half in" do you mean it's slipping? Engine revs but bike doesn't move?

You might have glazed the clutch plates. With a piece of plate glass and sandpaper you can deglaze the plates.

Let's go!
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post #3 of 16 Old 10-25-2005, 04:46 PM
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its a 650...
and thats exactly whats going on...i rev and not much happens...theres still some power goin to the wheel...just not much...
i'm gonna drop it off thursday...but i have to ride it there :-(
i'm gonna ride there in the middle of the night with someone following me.
post #4 of 16 Old 10-25-2005, 08:23 PM
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You didn't change your oil with one of the low friction oils did you?

[understatement]Teflon in the clutch doesn't do it too much good.[/understatement]

650...Anything more than a handfull is wasted
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post #5 of 16 Old 10-25-2005, 10:12 PM
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If you were trying a series of drag strip type starts and shifts to test your reaction time it is possible to burn up a clutch in as little as half a dozen starts. On a previous owned GS-1000, mildly tuned drag bike, I would get about 5 passes on a stock clutch pack.

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post #6 of 16 Old 10-27-2005, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by MATTMAN
You didn't change your oil with one of the low friction oils did you?
no, i dont think so...i used high performance 10w40...didnt say anything on it about teflon.

Originally Posted by BradM
If you were trying a series of drag strip type starts and shifts to test your reaction time it is possible to burn up a clutch in as little as half a dozen starts.
yeah, i think thats what i did...and apparently, warranty wont cover it cus its a wearable part...grrr, o well...from now on i'm treatin the strom as a tourer sans the sport, and i'm savin up towards a litre bike.
post #7 of 16 Old 10-27-2005, 05:53 PM
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the problem was a stripped out lock nut on the clutch cable, hence why the clutch wouldnt engage. which the warranty will cover
and even if the clutch is burned out, suzuki should replace that 'cus its not my fault the nut stripped out.
post #8 of 16 Old 11-03-2005, 07:49 PM
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Well, the dealer's service dept has had my 8 days now. They didnt get the transmission housing in till yesterday (wednesday) afternoon. The service manager said he'd try to get it on the lift wednesday before they closed, or if they didnt have time today. well, i went down there about 4pm today expecting to get my bike. they still havnt started on it. i talked with the guy thats supposed to work on my bike, he was working on an ATV. said its been in there for over a month, and had priority...apparently the owner really screwed something up.
I dont know why one of the other techs wasnt working on the strom, i'm assuming they weren't too busy considering they were standing around outside.
So i talked with the dealership owner (he's been really helpfull since before i bought the bike) and he said they should be able to get it done tomorrow, i'm hopping this means he's going to either get one of the other techs to do it, or ask that one guy to take the 30 minutes out from the ATV to pop off the old housing and bolt the new one down.
If its not done tomorrow, i'm a) not going to be happy, and b) have a talk with owner about why the heck its taking so long; and if that doesnt go well c) have a talk with the Better Business Bureau
post #9 of 16 Old 11-04-2005, 11:37 PM
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wow, they just continue to amaze me!
they finally got to my bike today, they put the tranny housing on (but didnt check the clutch plates)
so the service tech took it for a ride, and it gave out on him.
so he pulled the housing back off, and sure enough, the clutch was toast.
and of course they dont have any clutch plates in stock...which means another week untill that comes in, so i'm hoping i'll get it back before next weekend.
post #10 of 16 Old 11-10-2005, 12:01 AM
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i've learned that if you call the dealership atleast once a day, something gets done...
so far they've gotten all but one friction plate in...for some reason OEM plates dont come in clutch packs, they're "sold seperatly"
the first 4 came in tuesday, another batch today, so hopefully the last one will show up tomorrow and i'll have my baby back for the weekend <crosses fingers>
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