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Just so you canít say I didnít tell you, here it is:

I bought a Loobman chain oiler. The jury is still heariní the whole story but so far the principle looks good at least to my way of thinkiní. So you ask ďHow does oldgeorge think?Ē Well, I like the way Suzuki tells the chain maintenance story. They say (paraphrase) ďClean the chain with kerosene and lubricate some oil they sellĒ. Well, I kinda like the idea but, buying their oil Ė just donít believe thatís necessary. To my way of thinking the chain is a machine with moving parts. It has be well lubricated and kept clean of abrasive particles, (that is a no brainer). Some folks say chain wax does that and it doesnít ďsling offĒÖ So I tried it. Now, I donít want to say chain wax is bad, but for the life of me I canít figure out what itís good for except to capture abrasives and hold them in place while they cut into the moving parts. Then every so often you (the rider/owner) has to wash the chain down with kerosene, diesel oil or WD40 to loosen the little bitsy rocks that chewing it up and the wax is holding in place. Then it (the chain) has to be dried and more chain wax applied. There is something about that just doesnít make sense. If anyone reading this understands how that (chain wax) works to benefit the bike owner please share it with the rest of the thinking worldÖ. Chain oilers on the other hand are the antithesis of neat and clean systems. They apply a lubricant to the rear sprocket where through a series of old fashioned Newtonian principles it both lubricates and cleanses the chain and sprocket surfaces. Yep. there is a whole heap of ďsling off ď and it ainít pretty but the chain looks to be clean and well lubricated. It could be this is all wrong so donít write it down in stone (on account stone ainít good for chains) but for all the mess on the swing arm and chain guard, Iím bettiní itís a good thing.

So there's my story --- tell me itís flawed, Iím open to facts.


Too soon we get old --- Too late we get smart
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Yup, chain oilers are supposed to work well. I've not used one, so I have no first hand experience. However, I do use chain wax and have very little issue with grit sticking to the chain. The chain stays clean MUCH longer than it ever did with any kind of oil I've used in the past. Oil seems to really attract dirt and grit, only it does it faster than wax. Of course YMMV.

If I'm going to replace the chain and sprockets anyway, I would rather the rest of the bike stay cleaner. Ever look behind the front sprocket cover on a 'Strom with an oiled chain? YUCK!
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I used chain wax 100% of the time on my GS500. Got about 18,000 miles out of it. I never "cleaned" it. Just wiped it off slightly with a moist rag
that was sprayed with wd40. I cleaned off the crud from the rear sprocket that accumulates from time to time. Used the chain wax every 600 miles. I tried using Bel-Ray chain lube. I fugured this thing would "condition" the o-rings. What a mess. Gave it up. Back to chain wax. I figured 18,000 miles is pretty good life. I really push that bike. I don't know if the chain lube would give me longer life. I'll trade the potential longer life for a cleaner bike now.
I'm not one that is a neatness freak and I seldom wash my bikes so I don't like cleaning off the mess off the wheels etc.

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I suppose all this boils down to what you mean by "wax". I use Finish Line brand spray wax chain lubricant. It is supposed to be good for o-rings and when it dries in a minute or two it's really DRY. Not one tiny fraction of the debris that is grabbed and held prisoner by oily lubes ever winds up on the chain. It is remarkably clean and stays that way, even when riding off road.

If I were to use a chain oiling system, ideally I would want the chain to be fully enclosed so that no dirt could get on the chain. Now THAT would make a chain last a long time.

I spent more than twenty years fixing airplanes for the Air Force here in the US and overseas. One thing I learned quickly in the phase inspection docks is that too much lubricant is just as bad as none. Reason being, excess grease and oil traps abrasive dirt and does more harm than good. As a young pup with a wrench in my hand that was quite an eye-opener but it's very true. Ever since then I have always been careful to apply lubricant only where it is actually needed and I try to use the driest lube possible.

Oiler, oil, wax, whatever you choose, have fun and get out there and ride.


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call me crazy

I just hose it down with WD-40 about every 400 miles.

I tried the Maxxim wax... Dry and sticky, grit magnet.

I have some Bel-Ray "Super Clean".

It is not SUPER or CLEAN, shit flings everywhere.

I think I am going to throw it all out and just use the WD.

Chainlube is another one of those debates like OIL

ask 10 people get 10 different answers

I love motorcycles 8)

04 DL-650
Have a good time, ALL the time !
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I have used pj1 on a number of bikes. Never comes off, but is sticky as fly paper. Ya have to clean the chain often. Doug.

blue 2004 1000
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post #7 of 12 Old 04-20-2005, 01:20 PM
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bty, don't get that stuff on your hands!

blue 2004 1000
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post #8 of 12 Old 04-21-2005, 04:58 PM
Johnny Strommer
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Originally Posted by Chris
call me crazy

Chainlube is another one of those debates like OIL

ask 10 people get 10 different answers

I love motorcycles 8)

WD-40? Nah...I use nothing but cold buttermilk to lube my chain...works great.
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Chain Lube

Hello, 8) I would like to share my Chain Lube discovery. I like many have tried all the so called chain maintenance products. I myself have found many sprays to be messy to use. I found a great product late one night while surfing the web. This stuff is all I use and it is easy to use. It is called Kleen Chain. It is a synthetic paste that uses a shoe polish applicator. The applicator makes it so easy to control the application as well as work the lube into all the nooks and crannies. Very cool! The bottle is small and can be travelled with very easily. Fling off is an issue if you use too much. A little of this stuff goes a very long way, so don't over do it. It is available at their web site for about 16.00 usd. http://www.kleenchain.com/ I know it is a bit expensive but this product will really impress you and one bottle should last several years. all I know is it changed the way I view chain maintenance and my chain looks like new all the time. That's my story I hope you find it helpfull give it a try you'll be happy Steve
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I have been doing the WD40 for cleaning and the PJ1 for the past year. No problems, but an awful mess. This time, I read the can and it said "wipe of exess", hmmm...

I sprayed it on and wiped it off immediately (saturated rag, I am sure I wasn't taking it all off). After a 200 mile ride, there was no fling off and for the first time, the chain did not look like a fuzzy catarpillar. The barrels still had a sheen of oil and the groove at the ends, where the O rings are, looked nice and juicy.

Yes, the stuff does stick to your hands. Dawn wouldn't take it off, but regular shampoo did the trick.
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