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post #1 of 10 Old 06-30-2005, 02:11 PM Thread Starter
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the corbin

Well, I pulled the trigger on the Corbin seat. After posting a wanted ad here, and searching EBay daily for a month, I came to the conclusion that a new one made the most economic sense. Price shipped came to $361, which, in general, was only about $50-$80 more then used (man, do people jump on these vstrom seat auctions on eBay...). I liked the idea of eBay for resale if I wasn’t happy too.

Here was the best price I found:

Can't wait. Thanx to everyone who offered theirs for sale and good luck with getting them a new home. Thanx also for all info. Doug.

blue 2004 1000
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650...Anything more than a handfull is wasted
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post #3 of 10 Old 06-30-2005, 06:01 PM
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Don't you just hate it when someone does that to you?
post #4 of 10 Old 07-01-2005, 09:09 AM Thread Starter
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yeh, i do :lol: . At least I didn't pay the $380+ direct from corbin.

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post #5 of 10 Old 07-02-2005, 04:02 AM
Alaska Troy
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Corbin seat taller than stock?

Hey DCDL wanting to go that route myself but hear that the corbin seat is even taller than stock, is that so. Ive got 2500 miles on this one and it is getting better but not sure about the long haul Ive got planned. Did you ever try the 650 seat?
post #6 of 10 Old 07-25-2005, 02:57 PM Thread Starter
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Just got the corbin 7/19. from 7/20 to 7/22 I road 1200 miles on a trip to Gatlinburg. Thoughts:

1. Great shape: This is how the stock seat should be shaped. You have more room everywhere. You do, however, feel like you are riding on-top of the bike, instead of "in" the bike. I felt funny leaning into turns when I wasn't straddling the seat. You don't feel the bike as much.

2. Shape is made for riding, not standing: Front sides are high, so you have to get used to sliding you thighs over the wider edges at lights. I am 5'11", and had no problem.

3. Very hard foam: Don't think that the corbin is cushy; it's not. But it did get a little softer after about 1k. Corbin says 1.5k break-in, so we will see...

4. Excellent quality: Went right on, and looks excellent!

5. Passenger seat is allot wider.

I was stopping every 100 miles because I was getting a little sore. Big difference from the oem was that when I would get back on the road, the seat felt great again. There wasn't any residual soreness, so I was good for the next 100 miles.

Fell free to PM me with Qs. Doug.

blue 2004 1000
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post #7 of 10 Old 07-25-2005, 03:24 PM Thread Starter
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Forgot to answer Alaska Troy:

Seat is a little lower (1cm maybe), I think. It does feel high, because of the high sides though. I can't say about comparison to wee strom seat. Have not sat on one... Doug.

blue 2004 1000
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CORBIN SEAT... TOP OF THE LIST!! (best/worst)

Stromette's going to bump this post and add a review about the Corbin seat here for those considering a purchase of said seat. Ready for the great review: IT'S HORRIBLE! :twisted: The end.

OK, ok, I'll elaborate a bit. A friend of mine just acquired an 02 DL1k which came w/a Corbin. He called recently and pleaded w/Stromette to exchange seats so he could test the stock DL1k seat for several days saying the Corbin "sucks". Being the kind and generous Stromtrooper that I am, I rode over to trade seats thinking I could help him out and also test this fancy-dancy thing some people, including the original owner, rave about. Just sitting on it in his driveway I could tell why he wanted to trade. :cry: To say this seat is hard would be a gross understatement. A plank or piece of concrete would be more comfortable. :!: Aside from being rock hard, it feels significantly wider than stock; feels like I'm sitting on a horse, legs go out then down. (BTW, I'm 5'11). It's also a bit shorter than stock. The width and length difference in stock is just that-different, not really bad/good. I know and frequently ride w/the original owner of the 02 Strom (who put over 40k on the seat) so I sent him an email to rag him a/b the seat and he replied, get this, the Strom's Corbin was the most comfortable seat he's *ever* owned (this coming from someone who has 3-5 bikes in his stable at all times, 3 decade rider, 30k mi/yr) and that "YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN PADDING TO THE CORBIN PARTY!" :lol: - - so, there you go. This seems to be THE biggest factor I see in whether one loves or hates the Corbin on the Strom. The original owner is, um, ah, shall we just say a big boy. New owner is lanky like Stromette and, er, well, not much extra padding to bring to the Corbin party. I don't think I've personally experienced a modification that received such extreme love-hate reports more than this seat (it tops my list of "worst" and tops his list of "best").

In review, I'd *highly* suggest if you're thinking about acquiring a Corbin for your Strom to gain weight. No, no, not really. But I'd really suggest finding one and sitting on it before blindly plunking down a couple of C-notes. If Corbins get softer w/age then I can't possibly imagine what this thing was like new! :?:

Lastly, to my friend w/my stock seat... could I please have my stock seat back now??


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seats are just such a personal thing. you wont know untill you try. I have had the corbin for a while now, so it is broken in. I can go two hours with out a break. No doubt, though, it is a hard seat. I had someone tell me "you have to have a corbin butt, to like a corbin seat". With a forty inch waist, I guess I do... Doug.

blue 2004 1000
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I had a Corbin on my recently departed DR650 and loved it. If anyone is familiar with the torture rack that is the stock DR seat than you'll know this isn't necessarily great praise.

That being said, I found the workmanship to be top notch and after 8500 miles there was no wear to speak of. I did find that the seat was wider and took some getting used to. They will work with you on this and adjust to your needs.

The Corbin is supposed to get better as it conforms to your butt over time. Mine was great from the get-go so I did not notice this as much as someone else might. I'm 6' 2" and not considered fat so I guess you could say I do not fall within the big butt "catagory" per se.

My 2 cents. ;-)
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