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Am I thinking the right way??

I am thinking about getting a Strom. Size was not really an issue with me, I had a KLR and had no problems with it(besides vibrations lol) then got a Uly and the only issue I had with that was it was kinda heavy, and have a VFR now, which is great except seating position. I have ridden both a Wee and a Vee and did not notice much difference when taking them on equal rides, about 5-6 miles of 40-60mph riding. I will not do much off pavement riding so the lighter 650 will not benefit me as much as some. I want to ride it more longer distances, so the 1k is kind of appealing to me. Am I thinking in the right direction? I figure if I find a 650 cheap enough that I like I will jump, but think I would prefer the 1k for longer trips. Tell me if my thinking is off kilter please! So far this site has been a wealth of info.

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Similar motorcycles, one has more power, the other will get better mileage and may get you cheaper insurance. I don't need nor want the extra power, if you do, get the liter bike.

In my case I saved 400 bucks per yr with the lower CC'd Strom and can get 480kms per tank city driving.


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If you're not a really large person and/or riding 2-up a lot, the extra power of the Vee is a bit of a waste. In that case, I'd look for a Wee, maybe one with ABS. Can you get those in orange?

Both the Vee and the Wee are equally capable of long-distance travel at any extra-legal speed you'd care to travel, and IIRC, the Wee may actually be less fatiguing because there's less engine vibration. I don't know where the myth began that a bigger engine is somehow more capable of traveling. Once you get over about 350cc, any bike will work just fine on the highway.

And then there's the fact that the Wee is a lot more common, so there are a lot more parts and farkles available.

But, if you just gotta have that power, get a Vee.

This topic has been beat to death on this forum and in many others. What questions might you have that haven't already been answered a million times?

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I am a larger rider. I am 6ft 2in, 230lbs. I often head out for a week or more on the road with top case, side cases, and a big waterproof duffel bag. All told, my traveling gear is likely about 50 pounds or so, mebbe more. The Wee does me fine. I can rip her up on twisty roads, pass Hardly Ablesons and Motorhomes easily. Cruising on the interstates is not a problem (well, it is, in that it is soooooo boring!). And I get 50 miles per gallon doing all that.

Love the Wee, and really see no need for the Vee. If I want a more powerful bike, I'll get a crotch rocket.
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Some other things to think about, the Vee has better forks. It will get pretty good mileage if you don't ride super agressively. It is slightly heavier but I don't really notice the difference on the road but I always notice the extra power it has over a 650. If you ride at high altitudes, I'd definitely say go with the Vee rather than Wee. The Vee weighs about 10% more but has about 50% more torque.

Sure the Vee vibrates a bit more but it isn't as though the Wee is as smooth as silk. In some ways the Vee feels less refined than the Wee but OTOH I think it has more personality. Maybe I am biased in the sense that I like more power than the 650 will provide for me. I've encountered enough passing situations in the mountains on small displacement bikes (like the Wee) were I've been wanting more power. I think the Wee would be a better kick around the city bike but I've had no real issues there.

I do a lot of cruising at 76-80 mph at high altitudes and most 650 (non-sport bikes) definitely feel as though you are pushing them pretty hard. I made a couple of cross the US trips on 650 twins and while they were ok on the low lands and flats, they felt pretty anemic up the bigger hills in the mountains. Not saying they couldn't go up them but it definitely felt like they were struggling to maintain the pace that my Vee effortlessly carries.

By the time you load up a Wee with farkles, it's going to weigh close to a stock Vee anyway. The more you load it up, the more the 650 is going to suffer compared to the Vee. That was the final nail in the coffin for me when considering a 650. Simple laws of physics are hard to deny unless you are the roadrunner.

Forgot to add one thing, for insurance almost no difference at all for me between a 650 and 1000 V-strom, YMMV of course. Also easy to put the 1000 on a diet with a set of different slip-on exhausts too. In reality they are both fun bike. For my riding, 90% street, 10% gravel/dirt, the Vee is fine. Any more dirt than that and I'll just get out a more dedicated dirt bike. The Vee allows me to explore a lot of fire roads and random gravel roads in the mountains that I often encounter. It isn't a trail bike nor do I expect it to be one.

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I'm in the Wee camp, but others report its gas mileage advantage disappears at high interstate speeds.

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I have just bought a new Wee. Coming off 1150 Beemers, I was a bit worried re the 650 being powerfull enough for what I wanted to do(mainly highway)
So far, I have no regrets at all
Vibrations are nearly non existant(compared to the BMW)
I am beginning to wonder why I didnt look at one of these bikes years ago

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If you want a DL1000, the resale values are pretty low, so they're a few hundred bucks more than a DL650 of the same year. Maybe even less.

The SV1000 was taken off the market in 2007 so they also have minimal resale value. When I was looking at SV650's, some of the SV1000's were less. So that might be another option if there are no DL1000's for sale in your area.

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Originally Posted by johno View Post
I have just bought a new Wee. Coming off 1150 Beemers, I was a bit worried re the 650 being powerfull enough for what I wanted to do(mainly highway)
So far, I have no regrets at all
Vibrations are nearly non existant(compared to the BMW)
I am beginning to wonder why I didnt look at one of these bikes years ago
I sold my R1100RS this year in favor of a 650 V-Strom and I agree entirely - should have bought a Wee years ago, would have saved myself a pile of money and aggravation. The V-Strom feels about as powerful as the BMW but handles much better.

I like the extended touring range of the 650 over the Vee and it is certainly powerful enough for my one up riding. If possible get a 650 with ABS.

Basic maintenance is pretty straight forward and has a reputation of being dependable. A great all rounder and a comfortable tourer.
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Originally Posted by LordSmoke View Post
I'm in the Wee camp, but others report its gas mileage advantage disappears at high interstate speeds.
Not quite sure if i agree with that one. Cruised to and from New Hampshire with a friend last June. He has a 1000 and I a 650. He consistently burned considerably more gas than I did. He needed gas well before I did and I remember one fillup where he took 3 litres more than I did.
I don't think the 1000 is any more necessary than the 650 but I have driven the 1000 and all that extra power sure is fun but it comes with a price.
Before I purchased the 650 i considered the 1000 because I had read more than once that the Vee was better for long distance 2-up touring especially when it came to passing. No doubt that it will get up and go faster than the Wee but just how fast do you need to pass?
Sure you have to kick the 650 down a couple gears to make her run when all you have to do is twist the throttle on the1000 but the Wee will "Get er Done"
The 650 passes quicker than any of my cars and they get me down the highway just fine.
The last time my wife and I were away on the Wee I cruised at 140+kph for extended periods and the little 650 wasn't even breathing hard.
So unless you really need the power (and it is fun to play with) and you don't care about gas mileage the 650 will probably fit the bill.
One more thing when we were running some of the White Mountain twisties my buddy couldn't shake me no matter how hard he tried!:mrgreen:

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