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650 v 1000

Hello guys,

sorry for yet another thread for a 650 vs 1000 thread. I sadly have some issues with relating current threads with my situation.

I am riding a sv650x right now. So fairly similar to the v-strom 650 engine. I am doing some very rare 2-UP rides with my girlfriend and I think that the power is about just fine. It's not super fast but dftly. fast enough. We ride 2-UP very rarerly tho because of the sv650x's nature. I'm planning to switch over to a more travel oriented bike for 2-UP travelling with my girl. And, I don't want to waste any more money by buying a bike just to realize that I need something else just a year later (the sv650x is bought brand new in 2018).

Me and my girl weight around 190KG (380lb, i think?!) so we not very light. This concern paired with the fact that my sv650x is not really too slow for us BUT my fear of regret confuses me ALOT.

From a personal perspective I like the 650 XT from 2017+ the most. The look is just way better then the older v-stroms and especially the XT-variant makes it really cool looking imho. The 2017+ V-strom 1000 is very close to that but the details over all are cooler on the 650 XT.

Whatever, I am comfortable in a price range of about 7000 - 8000. For that amount of money I have diffirent options.
Get a used V-Strom 650 (2012+) and save the rest of the money,
get a almost new/new V-Strom 650 XT (2017+),
get a used V-Strom 1000 (2014+) without curved ABS, not so nice look and with the known windshield issues or
get a V-strom 1000 XT (2017+) for about 2000 over my comfortable price (more saving!) but with my pref. look, with corner ABS, good windshield solution.

The major question: 650 vs. 1000.
Better said a almost new 650 XT from 2017 or above vs. a used 1000 which i don't really like? Those Options are the most realistic right now.

Will I regret buying the v-strom 650 because I always want that little bit of more power? That 1sec of difference in going from 0 - 100 km/h (60mph)? The overall comfort of now switching gears as often as with a 650?
Or will I regret the 20kg(40lb) extra weight IF i bring it to the dirt one day or in the twisties?

The 2k more spent is forgotten fairly fast, all other "regrets" are always existent. I want to settle down with the bike and get it all equiped with accessiores, luggage, mods etc and don't want to feel the need of a new bike after just 12 months of riding it.

Therefore, 650 vs. 1000? And if 1000: is the 2017+ mode worth the 2k more? Just for the looks I would probably not want to spend 2 more grands, but with the corner ABS and other smaller advanteages?
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I ride two up all the time, more so than solo, 650 has plenty of power for me, close to 400 pounds with the two of us and gear, i would rather have ABS than not, the extra weight on the 1k is a little more than i want on the bad roads we ride, so if i was in your spot, a slightly used 2016 650 ABS is better than $2k more for a 1000, and i wouldn't trade the extra power for ABS, the 650 is way fast enough for two up, not near fast enough when i ride solo,,

2016 wee strom -- when in doubt, give it gas
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You are already telling yourself the answer. Yes the 650's are just fine.

But on trips two up.....you are going to be weighed down even more with luggage contents. That eats into the power that is just fine otherwise. You will have to work the gearbox to merge or pass effectively.

I have done 800+ mile days on 650 V stroms. But I would prefer not to do that two up loaded with luggage. Yes it can be done.

The difference between a 2014+ DL 1000 touring two up will be substantial. It will have a MUCH more relaxed feel. They have MUCH better brakes ( see note above about extra weight....). Suspension is MUCH better. They really don't have much in the way of negatives compared to the 650.

While the cornering ABS would be nice, it would not keep me from buying a 2014-16 DL 1000. Windshield isn't an issue.

From how you write your post, I will tell you that there is no better choice in this price range for a bike that does everything very well. 2014+ DL 1000
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Yes, the 1000 would probably be the better option. I really need to find one for a testride, my dealer doesn't have them right now (just the 650).
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Can't go wrong with either bike.

I have done about 340,000 km on the two DL650's I had and never felt a shortage of power on them. You just shift more and shifting the DL650 is a joy.

My weight has varied but plus or minus 240 lbs/109kg is the range.

I just turned over 161,000 km on my 2015 DL1000. As RealShelby mentioned above there are lots of reason to get the 2014+ DL1000. Brakes and suspension are the ones I notice the most. The clutch actuation is the weak spot on the DL1000 but not a show stopped to me.


2006 DL650: 202,000 km 125,500 miles, Sold
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What he said^^^

I dont do off-road(on purpose), so if dirt is your thing the 650 would be better.
2 up, luggage, etc to me, the '14+ 1000 is the way to go. Once on it I doubt you'd notice the weight difference.
Windshield worries--fixed to my satisfaction replacing both the oem, then the oem Adventure windscreen with the '18 windscreen. Different shape and height, fits like it grew there, all for a measly $56.
I routinely get 45-50 mpg on a long trip at 75 mph, the 650 is better...but I dont sweat fuel economy when on my bike.
To me, the main thing is the instant torque at low-rpm. Downshifting to pass is purely optional. The 650's engine is a bit smoother, but by no means would I consider the 1000 engine rough.
I prefer the hydraulic clutch actuation of the 1000 over the 650's cable.

I have always tended to gravitate to "The Big Blocks" be it motorcycles are cars. As for the 1000's power and its delivery...I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That also includes braking and suspension, especially if youre carrying another human being with you. If I had purchased the 650 instead of the 1000, I'd most likely be satisfied with my purchase. But I'd always have that nagging doubt of "Should I have gotten the 1000 instead?" That's not even a thought with what I have now.

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Thanks for the replies.

The suespension thing: Is the V-Strom 650 from 2017 comparable to the V-Strom 1000?

And about the weight of the both bikes, I sat on a 650 at a dealer and it felt very light because it's not topheavy at all. How about the 1000? Afterall the 1000 feels exactly the same but I was not able to sit on one, which was freely movable yet (just a fixed to the ground one on a convention).

Is there a way to upgrade the beak of the 2014 model to look more like the 2017 one?
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To the OP, the 2014+ 1000 sounds like what you need and what you've described. What gets lost in all of this is that the 1000 is only 40 pounds (19 Kilos) heavier than the 650. If, to use your words, you go to the dirt some day, will you regret that weight. In my opinion, you aren't going to be "throwing around" the 650 in the dirt. In my opinion, once you get to the weight level of a DL650 the extra weight of the DL1000 isn't going to make a difference. With either one, you will not be doing "true dirt bike" or "true dual sport" type maneuvers. I have the 650 XT and love it. I think you will be better off with the 1000. Good luck.
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Is it worth to save some more money to purchase the V-Strom 1000 XT from 2017? Or is there no difference to the 2014 but the spoked wheels and better looking beak?
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Skyy223, the 1000 has radial-mounted front brake calipers and upside down front forks. Not comparable on either count.
I happen to like the beak--it's distinctive and I dont see it as I ride. Lots of BMWs out there with beaks, have ridden with them,and they dont comlain about it at all. If others dont like it...well, they dont have to look at it and didnt pay for it. But that's just me. I'm more of a function over form guy. If you honestly can't stand the look, then dont buy a '14-'17.
Your preferences, your money.
The 1000 engine is taching 1000rpm lower than the 650 at 70 mph--verified by riding with a 650 Vstrom friend of mine. Less tiring.
I bought my '14 DL1000 as a sport-tourer. For the multi-state rides Ive taken, it's been a tremendous dancing partner. I neverfelt it lacking in any way for my purposes. I grin every ride.
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