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post #41 of 59 Old 04-02-2019, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by MAZ4ME View Post
Webfors, I've found that as I got older, my insurance dropped, no real news there.
I just got the bill for my insurance renewal for my '14 DL1K, '00 ZRX1100, and '81 CB750K. Full coverage on the DL,
liability only for the other 2. $400 for all. One of the few benefits of getting older, lol.

No matter 650 or 1000, both are excellent machines at a great price. Any owner can justify one choice over the other. But to me, it isnt a matter of one merely being a larger version of the other. Ive ridden both, and I really liked the 650. But 1000 just suited my preferences more than the 650. Others may have an entirely different experience, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
I keep my motorcycles long-term. Bought new, Ive had the ZRX 19 years, the 750 38 years. I still enjoy both along with my Vstrom, which I may be riding into the sunset. At the time I compared the ZRX vs the Bandit1200, and the CB750 vs the KZ750 and GS750. I rode them all. I picked what I have based on my own personal needs, wants, and preferences. No wrong or right. Just what worked for me. Just like how I picked the 1000 over the 650, the Super Tenere, the Africa Twin, the Versys 1000, and the FJR1300.
That rate is crazy for 3 bikes! I tried to convince my insurer that I can only ride one bike at a time, but they would only provide a 20% discount for each additional bike.

Two wheelz for realz!
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Originally Posted by Webfors View Post
Yearly insurance cost is really the only financial consideration, once the sunk cost of buying the bike is over with. Gas mileage difference is inconsequential. I pay $420 / year full coverage on the DL650. I got a quote for the DL1000 when I was shopping and they wanted almost $900. Displacement is the name of the insurance game.

That 400+ in savings per year buys a lot of gear, tires, lube and coffee. Fast forward 10 years and that's over $4000.

I haven't driven the new DL1000. I did test drive a 2014 and I found it a little rough around the edges, and a lot of engine vibration. When I got on the 2015 DL650 immediately after (I drove them back to back) it almost seamed boring... too smooth, so I bought the 650 on the spot
Well insurance is a huge consideration do not forget the 1000 drinks a lot more gas plus it requires premium gas. It will also eat rear tires much quicker then the 650.

The 1000 is superior to the 650 in every possible way except for operating costs. It comes down to if the additional expense is worth it.

For 2up riding, get a different bike, the Vstrom 1000 isn't very comfortable for a passenger. The position of the muffler means the bags need to be mounted high cutting into leg room. The exception being the factory plastic bags, but they are tiny. Shad bags are tolerable, the Givi/Sw Motech luggage is awful.
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Tenny, like everything else, it all depends on your wants, needs, and preferences.
I happen to like the integration of the factory plastic bags. 1 key operates the seat, gas cap, ignition, and 3-piece luggage set. For my rides, even interstate, the oem bags have plenty of room what what I need. In addition to them, I keep a Suzuki England DL650 rear bag on the rack, and a matching Suzuki large tank bag in front of me, both made by Bags Connection. If I need more room depending on the length of stay, I'll use my oem Suzi accessory top case instead of the rear bag. 4 days on a Deals Gap trip, In had room to spare. The slim rear bags facilitate parking in my garage. I have no need nor want of the "Paris-Dakar"-size aluminum luggage look or use...but others do.
I use Premium fuel as recommended by Suzuki. I was told by factory Suzuki Service Rep that regular can be used without a problem.naturally I dont want to spend $$ I dont need to, but the difference in gas price ain't gonna prevent me from riding or cut into any other activity or purchase.
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Also don't get DL blinders on. For the money you have to spend you have a lot of options from other manufacturers that may suit your needs better. DL are great bikes but so are many others.
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Originally Posted by MAZ4ME View Post
Tenny, like everything else, it all depends on your wants, needs, and preferences.
This is the bottom line.. Where do you ride? Who do you ride with (other bikes)? What will fit the bill and bring smiles? I have both a 2014 DL1000 and a 2013 DL650. I love them both but they both have their place, but when I take my wife the 1000 is definitely the choice. Alone I generally prefer the 650, particularly when in Baja or just exploring back roads. I have taken my wife 2 up on my 650 in Baja and at lower altitudes definitely felt stronger, but normally I ride 5000ft + elevations and with 2 up find myself dropping a gear on big grades. The 650 isn't as freeway friendly with the higher revs and the fuel economy suffers. If you ride state roads more often then that may not be an issue. This being said If I was running cross country solo and needed to do it timely I would be on my 1000. They both handle and drive great but the 1000 is nicer on the long slabs, and the suspension is definitely better with more weight. If I rode with other bikes often I would take into consideration what size bikes they were riding as well. If you were on a 650 and your friends were on 1000's + you may feel like you're always maxed out trying to keep up.

Good luck, I agree the new XTs are good looking bikes but personally can't justify spending more money for the same basic bike. If you get an opportunity I suggest test riding both and get a feel..
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Hey guys, i appreciate this discussion, sorry I didn't reply to any of the topics.

The tables have turned a little bit. I just got selected by a big german motorcycle magazine, they offered me to test the new Pirelli Angel GT2 on my sv650x. I accepted and got them on last weekend, meaning I have to ride them down now to be able to give a feedback in octobre. The bike change will occur after that anyways.

I somehow am stuck to the DLs because of various reasons.
First I love the sv650's engine and just hope that the dl650 is comparable (i know, a bit less hp but more torque). I will dftly. testride them. The second thing is that I just really like nimble and not so tall bikes. I don't feel comfortable on one of the very tall bikes. The V-Strom650 AND 1000 felt 1000% better then the usual suspects (Africa Twin, KTM1190+, KTM1090+ (esp. the "R" variant), BMW F700 to 1200 GS (all of them are monsters between my legs except the older F80GS).
And third is price, all other options are just crazy expensive why it is possible to get an used V-strom 1000 from 2014 for 7k (BMW starts at 8k, the KTM and AT at 9k). The V-Strom 650 XT from 2017 is also ~7k (that is why it is so hard, amazing looking and brand new 650XT vs. not so pleasant look and used 1000). Additionally I kinda feel the need to go back to offroading in the last couple of weeks (its only legal on dedicated areas here in germany sadly, but I can register at a club and just practice a bit nearby). With a brandnew DL650xt i will probably not do that, with a used DL650 from 2012+ I don't so much if it gets hurt a little bit. Also the 2012 model is okayish looking (not the XT one, the beak with the side to side lamps is just...not my thing, no offense) and very cheap (4k).

Said that, the BIG adventure bikes are too much for me and too expensive (meaning tiger 1200, Yamaha SuperTen, BMW F1150GS - F1250GS, KTM1290 etc.pp. are out).
I testrode an AT 2 weeks ago and i hated it. :X
It is probably the best offroading option (next to an KTM1090A R maybe) for me but I just didn't like it at all. The gears are weird, the power is not really noticable compared to my sv650x and there are simply too many settings. When the seller started to explain to me the 3 driving modes, 7 tractioncontrol settings and how to turn ABS off i already was like "i dont need this".

The V-stroms are just...SIMPLE. And i like that.
It seems like it gonna be a tough year for me, deciding what i want
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This definitely is classified as a first world problem!! Enjoy the dilemma! lol
Ride safe.
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Originally Posted by Skyy223 View Post
I accepted and got them on last weekend, meaning I have to ride them down now to be able to give a feedback in octobre. The bike change will occur after that anyways
that probably works to your advantage anyway as it's easier to get a better deal at the end of the riding season than the start. though that may work against you on a trade in.....

you'll have to take my opinion on which size with a grain of salt because I've only ridden the 650 once (loved it) and haven't ridden the newer 1000 yet (its ordered). what made the choice for me was coming to this forum. the very first thread I saw was one talking about upgrading the front sprocket to make the 650 less buzzy on the highway. my plan is to do some longer trips which means more time on the highway. basically, I'd rather be looking at the extra power than looking for it.

that said, with only one season under your belt, only you can answer if you're ready for a 1000, even if it's not a super sport. I was lucky growing up, ( though it didnt feel like it at the time ) my English father insisted I started small and worked my way up. 125, 250, 400 then I was finally allowed to move up to the bikes all my friends were riding.

enjoy this season and make sure to take out both for a test ride, there's no advantage to rushing a decision like this.
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Hey guys, I just returned from an around 6k KM / around 3,8k miles trip throu england, wales and scotland with my sv650x.

I had a blast there even tho I had some very hard times in the beginning. I suffered from tendonitis in both arms after the first week.
After taking a rest for a few days and cutting down my daily mileage to around 150miles it got better and better. With the time the problems changed but never disappeared. Arms where no problem anymore but my neck and shoulder started to iche. That's what you expect from touring a bike with clip-ons

Anyways I had a blast riding my sv650x. I actually never felt like the engine was too weak (me + luggage) even tho they have a lot of 25/30% inclines there. Simply stick it to second gear and off I go.
The 300km/200 miles i can make it out of 14L of Gas is :|:|:|:|ing impressive. And cheap.

Whatsoever, I will need an ADV-Bike for upcoming season. I start to look around more serious and testsittet and rode a few bikes already. I had a KTM 1050 Adventure and on wednesday I gonna ride a V-Strom 1000 (2019 model) while my sv650x gets its yearly inspection. The thing about the 1000 is still: I think 650 is enough, I never felt like its too slow. But I also felt like I use it to its limit more and more often, making the wish to step up a little bit foreseeable. That might result in yet another trade in if I buy a v-strom 650 now. That's why I just have to testride 1000s aswell.

My current favourites are KTM 1050 Adventure, V-Strom 1000 (XT <3) if it's a litre bike or the V-Strom 650/Versys 650 if I come to the conclusion that I have no desires for a litre bike right now.
I also consider a F700 GS or F800 GS just because of the pricetag. More power then on a 2012+ V-Strom 650 for the same price.
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post #50 of 59 Old 05-27-2019, 02:51 AM Thread Starter
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What I forgot: My Girlfriend wants to travel Iceland with me next year. That will be tough, and I guess we will stick to the better Ringroad anyways for the choice this should be considered.
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