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bad economy but still lots of dealer fees?

We all know we are in a bad economy. Since we are, why are Suzuki dealers still adding on fees like crazy? I called up motosports of tampa yesterday. They had no "wees" in stock. He said he might be able to dig up an older '08 for me, but I would have to "make a financial deal" with the dealership first, sign all the paperwork, etc. to have it delivered to them. I then asked "What do you guys have for dealer fees, document fees, - you know all the extra fees on top of the bike, plus are they negotiable?" The sales guy told me that
while they might be able to wheel and deal a little on the price of an '08, the dealer fees, doc fees were NON-NEGOTIABLE, as if they did it for one person, they would have to do it for everyone. Right there, I was about to blurt out,"In this economy, why don't you drop some of these damn fees, you might sell some friggin' bikes!" But, I just asked about the fees. Here's what he told me:$199 Doc fees (probably 20 minutes of someone's time that they are paying $8 an hour); $199 set-up fee, $349 fee for something that I forgot to put in my notes- could it be freight? Tax and $91 for tag fee.
1)Has anyone had any luck in getting any of these fees reduced, especially getting the doc fees knocked off?
2)Anyone have success in getting setup/freight fees knocked down?
Hell, by the time you get out of the dealership you are looking at close to $1k you spent in fees, and that's not including the 6% Florida sales tax.
I know some car dealers have knocked off their customary $500-$600 "dealer fees" here in Ft. Myers in order to spur business. All advice and comments appreciated.
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your right, all dealer employees are highschool dropouts that get paid $8:rolleyes:

if they don't have it in stock, they are at the mercy of they dealer they are getting the bike from...... leftovers that pass from one dealer to another are no deal.

you would be better off to find the dealer that has it in stock and deal with them

prices on 09s have gone up, that increases the value of older bikes as well, Suzuki has also cut production & delivery substantially as a means to artificially inflate prices

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When i bought my 2005 bike, I was quoted $8300 which included over $500 each for freight and setup. Suzuki pays the dealer $50 for setup and freight is included in Suzuki's MSRP. Taxes and title are legitimate charges if not inflated. I'd imagine playing with tax amounts would be illegal. I offered $7000 as my final OTD and I swear they came back with counter offers at least five times. Although I said it was my final offer each time, I had to say I was walking out if I didn't get an immediate deal. Then they agreed but acted like I raped them. They even said the sales guy would get no commission and tried to make me feel bad about that. The $7000 was a little under MSRP + tax and a fair title/tags fee. It was January in Chicagoland besides so involved no guilt on my part. Get a quote from Honda East of Toledo, a fair price/haggle free dealer, including shipping a bike to your area. Either buy it from them or get a local dealer to match it. At least you will know what a fair price is.

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dealer fees

Everything is negotiable. The question is are they legitimate charges. As stated above the dealer is compensated for set up and freight in the msrp. Have you ever heard of set up and freight on buying a suit or a pair of shoes. It is already in the cost. However some genius discovered that they can print their own msrp cost sheets and just add on freight, doc fees, set up. Sounds better than ap (additional profit) or atm(adjust to market). Find a price you feel you are comfortable paying and offer them that and be prepared to leave if they don't go for it. I agree in this economy you would think prices would be getting lower and lower but the only things that is happening on are the bikes they can't move.
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When you see an advertised price it seems it rarely includes the fees that are tacked on. Not including taxes and title is fair because it may vary because of trade-ins etc and it is a non-marked up item. Destination charges should be in an ad as additional if they are.

Documentation fees, additional prep charges , market value adjustments,etc,etc,etc, another other than legit requested accessories...........whatever other "fees" are simply additional dealer markup and in many states the Attorney Generals office is very interested when they are not included in an advertised price. Often the dealer needs to be reminded of this when it comes to fee madness time.

To be fair many dealers feel this is a sleazy way to make money and do not pack charges that way. When someone tells you their documentary charge is under $50 and there are no other fees you have found a good dealer.

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First there are lots of threads about what others have paid.
Then deal in apples and apples, don't throw in some oranges.
So "How much is my check going to be!" I will not be bringing my check book or credit card. Just a check from my bank for What amount?
That way there are no hidden last minute stuff. When you are standing there with a fixed amount on a bank check, it is hard to add new fees.
Research what others have paid, so you have a feel for what is fair.
I had another inmate turn me on to what he had wlaked on, and it was accectable to me. So I bought it. Thanks Rockymountainscottsman.
Don't be afraid to go to another delaer or another city, or state.
I paid $6240 for my Wee a year ago. K8. No extras, they paid state tx and I paid local tx and lic. No set up, no coffee fund etc.
I called them and said I was bringing a check for that amount, what they did with it, or how they accounted for it, I didn't care. When I got there they tried to throw in something. I started to walk out the door. They quickly blamed the error on a "new" salesman, and fixed it. New saleseman? I had talked to the sales manager and told him the check amount before heading to the bank? The poor G.I. trying to buy the other identical bike, but black was ready to sing on for over $9000 on it. Never go in uniform, NEVER!!!!!!! It's a shame, but taking advantage of G.I.s is legendary, and easy pray! Just like old lady widows.
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When I bought my Strom back in 2004, the salesman actually called me a week later and said they forgot to charge me a fee. He asked if I could stop by and drop off an additional $180!!! I told him that I was shocked that he actually had the gall to call me and ask me that. When he asked me again to bring $180 to him, I told him to hold his breath until I got there. He just stammered that I couldn't refuse because I had already bought the bike and I would have to give it back if I didn't pay all the fees. I replied that he was welcome to take me to court to recover either the bike or the "fee." I never heard from him again.

Everything is negotiable at a dealership. Remember, you ultimately hold ALL of the power because the can't MAKE you buy the bike. If you are prepared to walk out without the bike, you can get a great deal. If you are so in love with the bike that you can't bear to leave without it, you're going to get hosed.
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Originally Posted by greywolf View Post
Get a quote from Honda East of Toledo, a fair price/haggle free dealer, including shipping a bike to your area. Either buy it from them or get a local dealer to match it. At least you will know what a fair price is.

+1 on Honda East Toledo.....That's where I bought my DL650 last year.
I couldn't find a dealer within a 100 mi. radius that would even come close.
A great buying experience compared to all of the other dealers around here.

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dealer fees

Thanks for all your replies, tips, and advice. Much appreciated. I especially like the one on just bring one check and -how much should it be for?

RandyO- I didn't mean to denigrate anyone with my $8 comment on what they pay clerical workers in m.c. dealerships. But, I live in S.Florida and it is a low-wage state. Everyplace from doctor's office to car dealers to bike dealers have lots of computer-savvy young females that they pay low wages to do all sorts of paperwork. Therefore, a $200 document fee is bullshit in my opinion. I totally understand the tax/title fees. You should see the BMW dealership down by be. Lots of fees and options on the bikes. In this economy, i expect more bang for the buck.

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If your dealer won't drop the fees walk away and find another. When I bought my '08 vee last year the deal was $8299 plus Indiana sales tax. No prep fee, no document fees, etc.
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