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Wee- 3,000 miles, here's what I think

I am posting this review for those who are considering purchase of a Wee. Buy this bike... you will love it.

I have been riding my 2009 Orange Wee for 5 months now and have just over 3,000 miles on it. Figuring I also needed a more highway capable bike for long rides, I bought a beautiful 2006 Yamaha FJR1300. Therefore, I have a bike to compare the Wee to. I also snuck in a test ride on a new Triumph Tiger so I also have a mini comparison to the Tiger.

The following are random thoughts I’d like to share:

The number one farkle I made, and this I strongly recommend for everyone, change the front sprocket from 15 to 16 teeth. Amazing difference! It’s an entirely different bike... very relaxed... plenty of torque, and very much highway capable... you won’t be looking for 6th until you hit the open road. Pastor Jack was exactly correct... the 16-tooth GSX650 sprocket fits the Wee perfectly. The crusing “sweet spot” (in my opinion) is between 5,000 and 5,500 rpm. The bike can run all day at this range. At this rpm the 16-tooth provides the following speeds.
5,000 = 70 mph.
5,500 = 75 mph.
6,000 = 80 mph.

As I mentioned above, I bought the Yamaha FJR1300 thinking I needed a highway bike. With the 16-tooth on the Wee the Yamaha has met its match. Yes, the FJR is velvety smooth and powerful but without a nice tall 6th gear the bike just doesn’t cut it... what a shame... with a 6th gear and some modifications the FJR could be a fantastic bike. The FJR at a “sweet spot” of 4,000 rpm is doing 75 mph... might as well stick with the Wee.

For the last four months I have been alternating between the Wee and the FJR in commuting from NW Las Vegas out to Lake Mead every day. I can honestly say that the Wee is a better machine than the FJR (oooh I can just hear the response coming from the FJR crowd).

The Wee is just so good in every aspect.
Extremely comfortable.
Never any wrist, hand, neck, or back pain.
So easy to ride it’s just enjoyable.
It’s tall and skinny but as you learn to ride it, it becomes more and more agile and fun to ride. Going over the mountain headed for Vegas there are two tight curves that I have been attacking faster and faster over the months... talk about put a grin on your face!!
The controls are very comfortable. The clutch pull is easy and the throttle tension I’m not even aware of (the Yamaha will have you begging for mercy after an hour).
The suspension is far better than the Yamaha. The Yamaha is short and choppy... you feel all the bumps in the road (and yes I have played with the settings). The Wee just soaks up the road... no jars no bumps, and yet the bike is always stable and very confidence inspiring. On the Yamaha I just never really feel in complete control when working the curves.
The Wee practically gets up on the center stand by itself. The Yamaha is like a stubborn mule.

The Triumph Tiger... forget about it... no match.

Probably the best experience about this Suzuki has been my dealership... Nevada Suzuki. I’m a baby-boomer who likes the “old way”... meaning dealing with businesses that are friendly, respectful, curtious, and above all very knowledgeable. Nevada Suzuki is a family-run operation and they are fantastic!!

I’m still thinking about a big highway bike to replace the Yamaha. I am so impressed with the Wee that I think the Vee is coming into focus. Hope this has been helpful. Have fun and be careful out there.
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Thanks for your write up. I too have an 06 fjr and I love it. I also had an fz6 which I felt complemented the fjr very well giving me the best of both worlds. I agree with you totalling ref. the fjr suspension. I have looked the the wee for years and even yesterday stopped at a dealership to sit on one. I fit on it very nicely. I am afraid however that I will miss the power of the fjr and one thing I know I will miss is the abs. It seems that the wee abs is a rare commodity. I was hoping the one thousand will be offered with abs and now I am not sure if there will even be another 1000 strom. How do you find the braking on the wee? Thanks again for your write up.
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Wink Right On!

Right on dude. I own a 06 FJR AE and I love it to death. My wife has graduated to a DL 650 - Wee from a 150cc scooter and she is loving the Wee. I too am loving the Wee. Everything that you said about the Wee is true.

Although (here it comes) the FJR to Wee comparison is Apples to Oranges. FJR 145HP 99ft. lbs torque, Wee ~56HP ~35 ft-lbs torque; FJR 620lbs Wet, Wee 478lbs Wet; FJR in-line 4 cylinder (Smooth), Wee V twin (can I say dildo vibrator on this forum?); Drive train: FJR-Shaft, Wee-Chain, etc, etc...

Don't get me wrong, I not arguing here; If I had tried the Wee before the FJR, that would be my bike too. The FJR is in a completely different class than the Wee. The DL650 hands down is the do all bike but when it comes to mile munching, twistie tweaking, intercontinental road missile, the FJR is the machine. But the Wee has similar characteristics but adds the ability to hit the gravel/dirt roads with aplomb; the FJR is a PHAT PIG on a gravel road, trust me I know! :bom_antlers: Any way, the DL 650 is an awesome bike and I really enjoy riding my wifes Wee and I would assume that the DL1K is the same fun with bigger Chajones!

Ride safe,

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Agree, Great Bike

Great post. I have approximately 2k on my wife’s 650 and am very impressed with the motorcycle. My Multistrada is a fine motorcycle, but I really enjoy riding and tinkering with the Wee Strom.

Add luggage, and a sorted out windshield, and it is a winning combination capable of going just about anywhere.

I just told my wife she has a very cool motorcycle, and I am a bit envious it is not mine.

Enjoy the weather in Vegas, and ride the Lee Canyon, Mt Charleston, and Red Rock Loop for me.

Take care,

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have you checked gas mileage after running steady at 75 or 80 mph with the 16t?
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Originally Posted by daveetch View Post
The crusing “sweet spot” (in my opinion) is between 5,000 and 5,500 rpm. The bike can run all day at this range. At this rpm the 16-tooth provides the following speeds.
5,000 = 70 mph.
5,500 = 75 mph.
6,000 = 80 mph.

Is that indicated or actual? The 15 tooth gives those exact readings.

Originally Posted by Violione View Post
Although (here it comes) the FJR to Wee comparison is Apples to Oranges. FJR 145HP 99ft. lbs torque, Wee ~56HP ~35 ft-lbs torque; FJR 620lbs [/FONT]
I see this often on car boards when it’s clear there’s a bias. You can’t compare one bikes crank HP/Torque to another’s (exceptionally low) wheel HP/Torque numbers and expect to be accepted with any degree of creditability.

The FJR puts out 123 HP to the rear wheel and 87 lb.ft. of torque. The FJR1300AE even less. The Wee puts out 62HP and 42 lb.ft. to the rear.

The FJR is smooth but will put your feet and hands (especially the right hand) to sleep very fast with its high freq vibration. To me that’s more irritating than the roasted gonads. Don’t mind roasted gonads since I’m not looking into multiplying any time soon anyways. Love the FJR…hate the high freq vibes and stiff throttle opening.

I often lose control. I really I hate my life.

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I just sold the FJR.

My history is that i had an FJR AE but decided to buy a wee for everyday commuting and keep the FJR for long leasure trips and the odd commute for a change.

When considering my next long leasure bike trip i realised that i didn't want to go on the FJR but on the wee. I found myself using the wee exclusively. So i sold the FJR at quite a loss.

I know its apples and oranges but after getting used to my wee, there was only room for one in my heart.
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No longer riding.
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I know this is way off topic, but any one care to offer how the performance differs between a VEE and an FJR? Thanks

Totaled on June 9 2012 08 Victory Vision Tour Premium.
No longer riding due to injuries on June 9 2012.
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Originally Posted by dustym828 View Post
have you checked gas mileage after running steady at 75 or 80 mph with the 16t?
I have about 62,000 km (roughly 40,000 miles) on my bike. I have recorded mileage from day one. I went to a 16 tooth sprocket at about 10,000 km (6,000 miles)

I have not been able to discern any difference in mileage after switching the gearing. This is regardless of higher or lower speeds in real-world riding. There are just too many other variables to be sure as to the mileage change attributed to the gearing change while at highway speeds.

In general, mileage drops dramatically at higher speeds, to be about the same as a DL1000. In a 5000 km ride with a DL1000 we got pretty much the same mileage over several tanks of gas when doing sustained riding with side cases/bags at 75 mph into a bit of a headwind. The bikes are just so draggy that at higher speeds drag is the dominant factor and the gearing makes no significant difference.


2006 DL650: 202,000 km 125,500 miles, Sold
2012 DL650 139,500+ km, 86,700+ miles. Sold
2015 DL1000 New July 2015 195,000+ km, 121,000 miles.

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SMIDSY detailed report.

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I had an '02 DL1000 for about 3 years and sold it last summer (I know, big mistake..) after about 30K miles. Summer is getting close so I am looking for another bike. I have been checking out:

new '09 DL650 - $6600
used '07 DL650 with 10K miles - $5000
used '07 DL1000 with 6K miles - $7200

I also found a locally advertised '06 FJR with 6K miles for $7,500. If I go for the V-Strom, I'll need to add at least a centerstand, some hard luggage, larger windscreen and new seat so that'll be at least $1000. I don't have any experience with the FJR but it seems I wouldn't have to add any necessary equipment right from the start.

While I loved my DL1000 and went on some long distance trips (Michigan - Nova Scotia and all over the southwest when i was living in California), it seems the FJR is much more bike for about the same or little bit money (used). I am sure I would really enjoy a 4 cyl, ABS and shaft drive.

In the previous posts, are you talking about the <=2005 or >=2006 FJR?

I do enjoy exploring dirt and gravel roads and think I will really enjoy the DL650 for this and other local trips, especially in the UP of Michigan and northern Ontario. But I also enjoy weekends doing 750 miles and the FJR seems to be the perfect tool for this.

I have read about the many improvements for the '06 FJR. How does the seating position compare to the Strom? I sat on n '05 FJR once but found it a bit cramped for my legs. Does the adjustable seat height on the '06 FJR make a big difference.

I know they are very different bikes and I always thought the FJR was way out of my price range. But now they are pretty close to each other in price. I am confused which way to go!

I have been a forum member at VSRI in the last 4 years and this is my first post here. Seems like a lot of friendly and knowledgeable Stromers are here as well.
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