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Zumo XT mount. Recommendations please for '19 650

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I am looking for a mount and power cable for my Zumo XT to attach to my 2019 650. I have used all of the items that come in the box with the XT for another motorcycle. So I am looking for the items I would need to purchase for my V Strom to mount the Zumo XT. It would cost me about $120 to purchase three separate items from Garmin to do this. A Garmin mounting kit, a Garmin motorcycle bracket, and a Garmin power cord. Has anyone figured a less expensive way to mount the Zumo XT to the V Strom? Thank you ahead of time for any suggestions.
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Another Ram mount on your other bike and it would be easy to move the mount to the other bike. The challenging part is the power. You need the "box" that is in the power line and iirc it is at the further end of the cable. I would not advise trying to use the USB plug as it isn't designed for use on the bike. It would no longer be water and dust resistant and you would need a 2 amp power supply for the USB.

(When renting bikes away from home I would wire the power cable to the battery and run the wire under the gas tank and tape it down. Probably not a good solution for you but it only took 5 or two minutes to do.)

If you have an account with Garmin I think you can get discounts for a second power adapter. I bought a second RAM but don't remember where either Amazon or Garmin.. I unclick the ZUMO-XT and move it from bike to bike. Pictures are on a 2016 V-Strom

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I have a Garmin account, and out of curiosity I looked up the price of the power cable for the Zumo after I signed in to the account. It was $10.00 cheaper ($39.99). The Zumo base mount (the part that clips onto the back of the Zumo) was the same price, $19.99.
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