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I've tried all 4 positions for the stock shield, with and without the washer tilt at the bottom and the buffeting was maddening. Other details: Stock Handguards, SuperDuke OEM Mirrors.

I went to CalSci and tested the Medium and the Sport. Neither worked for me. However, they had me test them with the plastic wrap still on, and frankly I think that made it worse because the wrap wouldn't stay on the inside of the screen. I ended up with plastic 'flames' trailing off the sides of the screen, creating an awful flapping noise. So, I passed. I won't say my test speaks for the product, but I certainly wasn't going to buy it based on that test either.

So, after reading a nice review with photos on the Zero Gravity from Bultaco206:
I thought I'd try it out.

Many months after my purchase (long story), I received my Zero Gravity Screen. In all 4 positions, with the 'washer tilt' at the bottom, it absolutely solves 90% of my buffeting issue.

So, now that I have a better screen, it was time to try the 'cut stocker screen'. In the first position, aside from the wind hitting my shoulders, it's fantastic. If I duck down in turbulent winds, I can handle the bike much better. I think moving it to the second position will move the wind to the top of my shoulders. It takes a bit to get used to that much wind in my face, in that riding position, but I dig it. :beatnik:
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