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With some great help from other troopers my newly-naked 2012 dl650a is getting ready for its first adventure, a 2-week 2-up trip south from Connecticut. Departing Sat Apr 16. Hopefully this snowstorm leaves before we do!

We have no idea of our endurance so the trip is pretty open ended. But barring trouble -- I'm looking at you Central PA with your trailer-pulling Pintos almost getting me killed 10 years ago -- we will at least make it as far as West Virginia. New Orleans Jazz Fest is the crazy not-gonna-happen goal, and Savannah is another stretch possibility.

Anyway, I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions for cheap and interesting lodging, maybe in the general vicinity of I-84 to the I-81 corridor. Though there is nothing whatsoever constraining our route. We'll have sleeping and bivvy bags for boondocking it, too, if needed or suggested.

So tell me all about your hippie communes, treehouse lodges, biker campgrounds, hot spring resorts, roadhouse with rooms, or whatever is cool down there. We have to make the most of our escape from the Land of Steady Habits!
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