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Wow, you guys were right about dealers

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I've always heard folks complain about Suzuki dealers and how they can be outragiously expensive for service. I've been lucky cause my bike has never had any problems and I always do the maintainence myself. Circumstances made me leave the bike at Wasilla Alaska Suzuki to have the clutch rod seal replaced. They charged me $130 for an oil change, $150 diagnosis fee to verify I was telling them the truth about the seal, and $170 to actually change the seal. It took 5 weeks to be completed. This maybe perfectly normal for dealers to charge this much but it only reinforces my do it yourself approach.
There are certainly many riders that are happy with Suzuki dealers but my first experience with a dealer service dept. makes me really appreciate this forum and all of the great information here.
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How about it?

Is your garbage service free?
I tried getting rid of some tires and batteries my son left behind when he moved.
I had a choice: I could do it for free or I could do it legally.
I can understand tires and batteries, but I wouldn't be surprised if some tried to sneak in a disposal fee for other stuff. When I took my front wheel in to my nearest dealer to get a new tire mounted they wanted 40 bucks :jawdrop:, so I went to an independent shop and got it done for 25.
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