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Worn Hole through Front Fender & Other Front End Issues

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I have a hole that is worn through the back most part of the front fender on my bike. Its about an inch long and is at the apex of the tire where it might rub. That is my first concern.

Second is that under hard braking I notice a distinct sound that that is like a "whirring" that winds down as the bike slows down. Along with this, notice that the bike wanders a bit under the same hard braking effort. I lose the ability to effectively correct my line, even only when braking in a straight line.

My pads look good and the bike stops just fine. My tire size is 110/80/19.

Any ideas? :confused:
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That bike has been having this problem for a while if the tire has worn through the front fender just by rubbing under hard stops. I would be checking this out right now if it was my bike. There is something not right here. I just can't see your slightly oversized tire causing this. If the tire was big enough to cause rubs I think it would do it all the time, not just under hard breaking. As someone has already said, look at the axle bolts and the fender bolts, something is not as tight as it should be.
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