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wiring fog lights

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Hello all, Well i've begun wiring my piaa 510 lights and believe i'm on the right track but am in need of some more info. I've searched this forum and ADV via google and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for. I'm using this diagram and i've wired up the relay and the terminal block. So my question being do I condense the ground and power from the lights down from 4 wires to 2? if so what's the best way of doing this? Also how do I wire up the switch? A diagram would be greatly appreciated however any help would be awesome. Thanks
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Since you installed the fuse block, I assume you're planning to connect other electrical accessories in addition to the lights. The lights need their own relay, otherwise all the current they draw will travel through the switch, which probably wasn't designed for that. It sounds like your lights didn't come with a wiring kit. If not, you can get a very high-quality one from Eastern Beaver. Jim the owner is a fellow Stromtrooper and Strom rider, and he also sells a number of Strom-specific kits.

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To the question: Do I condense the ground and power from the lights down from 4 wires to 2?

Yes, if you are using heavy enough wire to handle the current. I think the other question not asked, but related is "can I do both lights on one relay?"...same answer.

EDIT: OK I looked at the linked thread...the fuse block part confused me. If all you are wiring is the lights: Blue=power from your switch, wire your lights in place of the terminal block. If you want other, switched accessories (on/off with the ignition) then your lights become one of the accessory blocks listed (i.e.. vest, gps, etc) and you will want another relay on that circuit wire 87 (red) to + terminal, 85 (blue) to switch, 86 (Black) to - terminal, 30 (red) to lights, return (black) - from lights to terminal.
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