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Wiring Blue Sea Fusebox Question

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I haven't done much wiring and have never installed a fuseblock, in fact I had my dealer install my gps wiring in the past.

But I now want to install a 5025 Blue Sea on my '08 650. I will put it in the usual place under the seat. I have the fuseblock, fuses, wire, 30 amp relay, and inline fuse ready to go.

Immediately I have a problem though. I have luggage and racks installed and really really don't want to take them off to get to the grey wire. I can sort of see the hidden orange/white wire going into a plug under the side panel below the seat, but it looks not so easy to get to as well.

Is there an easier way? Another place I can tap into?

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You want an orange/green or a brown wire. Brown changes to gray at the fender to subframe connection. The O/G wire for the OEM heated grips behind the radiator or the one leading to the rear brake switch and the brown wire in the sheath running along the left side of the under seat tray are good points. If you would rather avoid cutting into the stock harness, Eastern beaver has plug in modules that provide trigger wires.
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Thanks GreyWolf.

Those adapters are nice but I'm not afraid to solder. I just didn't know what I was looking for or where it's hiding.

I'll go see what I can see.
I hear ya. I used the brown wire myself. I just cut a slit in the sheath running to the left of the under seat tray to get at it. Don't worry about any colored dots. They are not part of the color code but a length measuring aid. I did use a connector on the trigger wire so I could unplug the relay if I wanted to actually use the parking light.
I guess that would be this one?

(I slit the sheath, the sheath I slit and on the slitted sheath I sit.) :D
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I guess that would be this one?
That's it all right.
Thanks a lot. :thumbup:
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