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Winter Solstice Dawn To Dusk Ride.

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7 days time its the Winter Solstice !
I'm planning a dawn to dusk ride on the 21st.
Starting at dawn in Sheffield on a 4 hour out and 4 hour back ride with a lunch stop around the 3-4 hour point and other stops along the way...
Any StromRiders fancy joining me ????
Could be a grand day out, whatever the weather ...
The route ? Sort of depends on the weather, we can literally decide on the day.
But I'm thinking Sheffield - Penrith and a lap of the Lake District ... about 350 miles...

This could be a great day out, meet and greet early at one of the 24 hour cafe's in Sheffield, and a full dawn to dusk ride.

Go on ... you know you want to......
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I might take a lap around our local "pond" Lake Winnipesaukee, the loop is about 90 miles, but I won't be out at sunrise, I'll let it warm up a few degrees, Fahrenheit, or Celsius, either way, it's gonna be cold, I doubt it will go above freezing at all, during the day
Well that didn't quite work out .... so my erstwhile companions all dropped out one at a time during the last few days .... "My wife won't let me as there is an ambulance drivers strike " ..!! 😂
"I've got a back problem" Can't get it off the mattress ...!!! 🤣
Etc ... etc..
So just myself then ....
So i had a 4 hour ride out to the coast at Bridlington via York and back via Driffield and Howden..
First visit to the 24 / 7 Bikers cafe, Seaways, at Fridaythorpe ... excellent place.
Cold, bright, strong South Westerly wind ....

I'd just like to give a shout out to Oxford Heated Handlebar Grips for facilitating this ride ... cosy !!!

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Well done Landsurfer, you visited all my favourite places, I really wanted to come along but I'm glad I didn't say I would now as I'm still full of bronchitis and hate letting anybody down, I hope to join you on a future excursion when I am well enough!
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