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From elsewhere in this site it should be pretty obvious that the windscreen on the V-Strom is a common problem. In my case, I'm 6'1" tall I ride an '04 DL1000. With the stock windscreen, the buffeting of my helmet from the air spilling off of the windscreen at anything above 90 km/h is enough to actually blur my vision (unsafe!). I've replaced the stock screen with an aftermarket with only a slight improvement. The type I replaced it with was about the same height, the only difference being that the top section is articulated.

On my previous bike (no fairing) I never had this problem, because my helmet was 100% exposed to clean air. The vortices spilling off of the V-Strom's windscreen are very strong. I suspect that the solution will come in the form of a taller windscreen. Any means that I can think of that would control the path of the vortices without increasing the windscreen height would be ugly and would obstruct the rider's vision.

I think that Suzuki needs to pay a lot more attention to this. It's not just a comfort issue; it can actually make the bike unsafe to ride at highway speeds.

I also have had some problems with a lean stumble around town, but the dealer was able to (mostly) sort this out by enriching the EFI.

In all other respects I've been loving the bike. Definitely a winner!
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