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Firstly, a few things to get out of the way:


- somewhere between 5'11" & 6'0" in height
- 32" inseam
- 180lbs


- Shoei RF-1000

What I've tried to remedy buffeting:


- all positions produce 'hammers-on-the-head' (HOTH) at highway cruising speeds (60 - 70 mph)
- borrowed a friend's HJC helmet but no difference


- as above, however with the bracket screwed to the 2nd highest mounting position + screen tilted all the way back (towards rider) + screen held to lower third area of bracket produced the least amount of HOTH (still unbearable for longer than 45 minutes)


- considerably larger than the stock screen, but surprisingly not much better. Worked not bad at higher mounting positions, but this was bothersome due to the lip interfering with my line of sight


- seemed to work very well only in one scenario; with the bracket mounted in the lowest position + screen tilted all the way back (towards rider) + screen held at very bottom of bracket
- borrowed a AGV helmet but no difference

- produced a lot of 'dirty air' & the HOTH was replaced by an unpleasant hard-to-describe deafening sensation (I wear ear plugs)

Ok, here's what I've been tinkering with. I decided to fool around with the stock screen. I spent a couple hours last night riding up & down the highway with the stock screen duct taped to the front at various positions. I tried the screen at five different positions, with the top barely protruding past the cowl all the way up to where the base of the screen was taped to the top of the cowl with a single strip of tape. I also had foam sheets with me that I would cut & use to fill in the cavity just below the screen when it was mounted at higher positions (I tried w/out the foam).

What I found really surprised me.


With the base of the screen just covering the cavity in the cowl, I completely eradicated any HOTH & was able to cruise as fast (or slow) as I wanted thru nothing but clean & quiet air (some minor squeaking/whistling with my visor opened all the way). I also 'pulled down' against the curved lip of the screen by using three pieces of tape & securing to the cowl area behind the screen (arrows). The only way I could imagine 'permanently' mounting the screen like this would be to drill holes & use the two trim bolts (red circles). Of course this would not be enough to 'do it right'


1. I used my cell phone to take photos & somehow corrupted the card trying to get the photos off. So, I went back out & mounted the screen as close to the 'best' position (for me) as I could remember & took a photo (below). It turns out the screen is still a little too low & the bottom of the screen would need to be aligned with the black line I have drawn onto lower duct tape

Sooo, how would one go about building such a screen 'properly', with mounting hardware, etc?


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You could try heating the shield in an oven, mould it to the shape you wanted. Drill new holes in it then mount it to the madstad or stock mount.

btw, inseam probably has nothing to do with it. I'm 5´ 11" and get no buffeting with a Madstad/Givi combo.
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