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Whoa Nelly!!...

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So I skip work this afternoon to get some experience riding gravel w/ the vee. Riding through wny in Chautauqua county and heading up county rt 21 which is rural, twisty, uphill fun heading south. All is good.

Spend some time traveling down side gravel roads and other rural routes where the highway crews resurface w/ hot oil & gravel. Things are pretty 'loose' if you find a road freshly laid but that's what I'm looking for to get experience. I'm getting the hang of it and becoming more comfortable. All is still good.

Time to head home and tracking back north which takes me 'down' county Rt. 21. Exiting out of long, tight, sweeping turn....hitting the throttle as I see the exit and rear tire slips out...WHOA NELLY!!:jawdrop: Rear tire skips a few times before coming back in line and I thankfully keep her vertical and in my lane. The road crew apparently felt they could patch a hole w/ the same oil/gravel and I didn't see it as it matches the solid road.

The Lord's watching out for me today but 'Holy @#*!' my hands are still shaking. I guess I needed to tell someone. Like Therapy
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First, it was good you made it.

I don't understand about the use of the oil. Its mixed with gravel? Are you talking about seal coating the asphalt roads or was this on a gravel road? Thanks.
They spray hot oil down and spread1-2" of clean gravel on top. The traffic essentially tamps it down to a hard surface but it's loose gravel until then. Tire paths pack 1st and eventually the entire road. You can imagine the windrow of loose gravel between the tire path. Mainly secondary roads but the come up w/ very little notice.
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