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everything started fine, left my house @ 7:30am and it looked like the sun would come out, rode to Gilmanton IW to meet with zimquidl at 8am. made it to Gilmaton, no problem, bikes running better than it ever has before, just had 60k service and new suspension done.

go to restart bike and head out to Whitehorse, no start, check engine displayed, a year or so ago, I had a problem with the main harness/kill switch connector, I lossened the faring, got my hands in there, unplugged the connection, reconnected it, whew, thats the problem, it started, we off to Whitehorse, we took Alton Mtn Rd to Alton Bay, pulling away from stop sign @ Rt 11, bike dies, play with connector again, no dice, go into Gillian Marine across road, bought can of electronic cleaner & tube of dielectric grease, played with connector more, still no dice,

called Rochester MotorSports where I have my work done, half hour later, they had a truck there to pick me up, sat at RMS 3½ hours while they diagnosed the problem, it was the kill switch circuit, but where the ground wire goes into the ECU, wiggle the connection, and it works, had to pull the connector apart and tweak the female side of the connection, everything working good again, no charge @ RMS for the tow or repair, pays to be a good customer :wink: fwiw, RMS has free breakfast for customers on Saturday mornings

now I'm gonna go out and ride, my new WP Suspension is AWESOME

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