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Which radiator guard with SW Motech crash bars on 1050 XT

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I would like to know, which kind of radiator guard fits better the 1050 XT when there is SW Motech crah bars mounted on it (both lower and upper)?
Does somebody has experience with it?
Until now I have found: Givi, cosmo accessroies

Kind Regards
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Make your own! Several ways. Buy hard ware cloth(actually 1/4” galvanized screen),available at hardware stores.Handy for rodent proofing air inlet on bike & around house .
As others have mentioned,strainer for paint 5 gallon pail .Use double sided tape to seal edges.Use quality black UV resistant zip ties to fasten it.Dollar store food prep screen trays.Etc.

or pay for custom .
Hello Marmora
Thank you for your answer!
I have a friend who will help with pleasure on this one! :)
Have a nice day!

Kind Regards
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