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Which chain/sprocket/tire setup should I slap on my '05 V-Strom 650 for S. America

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Hi folks:

Departing in 3 weeks!

Planning on swapping out the chain/sprockets/tires/break pads in San Diego before I head farther South on my way from Seattle => TDF.

I want to have the chain/sprocket/tires ready and waiting for me in San Diego.

Chain Sprocket
I have heard that RK and DID make good chains for the V-Strom. Not sure whether I need a X-Ring or a O-Ring chain. I am also looking at Chain & Sprocket Suzuki DL650 V-STROM 04-06 JTKSDL65A | eBay as a chain/sprocket combo (JT sprockets, and SSS Gold O-Ring Chain). Thoughts here?

I have finished reading "Adventure Motorcycle Handbook" which was a great resource. In the tire section the folks talked about Pirelli MT21 as well as the Metezler ME88 (now ME880) on the rear and Bridgestone Trail Wing 101 on the front. What are your thoughts here?

Bonus question: break pads
I have about 50% of my break pads left. I think it makes sense to replace these doesn't it? Is there a recommended break pad other than OEM? Will I be able to buy these when I'm down there, or should I order them in advance.

Thanks in advance!
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Hard to beat the price on a set of Shinko 705's. I put my first 2000 miles on a set last weekend. No complaints.

Source: motorcycle superstore

You want a DID X-ring chain and steel or titanium sprockets (not aluminum). And yeah, do the brake pads. Some folks like the aftermarket pads. I don't feel strongly either way.

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I have used JT sprockets before they are OK. Never use aluminum
I have not used that chain, I use DID most of the time
Make sure you know how to pull a wheel , change a sprocket replace a chain. Have someone watch you do it if you have not done it. After about 1000 miles most chains need to be adjuted and then again at the end of life several times. Learn to find kinks , odd wear etc. I have seen swing arms on bikes damaged badly by chains so learn what to look for

friends run Shinkos and they seem a good value. I am running Tourances that I like. I think it seems a lot about how you ride and the roads.

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Never been there. What kind of roads are your riding? The ME880 is a high mileage cruiser tire. I tried one once but still only got 7500 miles out of it (rear tire) and it didn't perform all that well in corners. I can get almost that much mileage out of a Battlewing which is a better tire for the Strom.

It would seem to me that if you intend to ride rough roads you should be looking at something more aggressive.
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