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Wheel Valve stem size

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With all the knowledge on Stromtrooper, I'm hoping that someone knows the answer.

I'm getting ready to change tires on my 09 Wee and figured is was time to change the valve stems too. I just can't remember the size, it has to do with the diameter of the hole.

Is it a TR 413,TR 415 another size? I'd rather get them before I start that wait to remove the tire and read the number on the inside of the stem.

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I like TR412's for motorcycles. There are two common diameters .453 and .625. Motorcycles are .453.

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I don't know about that chart, it's going to be difficult to get that 412 in to that .153" rim hole LOL 馃ぃ馃槀馃榿
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Thanks all, I should have looked a little harder 馃
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No reason to order these from Ron Ayers, any neighborhood auto parts store will have them in stock cheaper.

My vote goes the straight rubber and brass 412, changed with every tire.
I know, but Ron Ayers states that they are TR412s
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