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Wheel Repair in Ontario

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Alas.. I took my wheel in for a tire replacement and was informed my wheel was not straight. I soon felt the wobble after i reinstalled on my vee. Does anyone know of a repair shop in Ontario or am i looking at an oem replacement?

Many thanks.
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Did it wobble with old tyre? If not, are you sure that is your rim?
Did it wobble with old tyre? If not, are you sure that is your rim?

I'm no expert, but I'd say with almost certainty, that if your wheel didn't wobble before you took it in, that it wasn't bent then, so it is either not the same wheel, or they managed to somehow bend it while they were working on it. Once again, I'm not an expert.

How's that bike running? How many km? Did you go on the trip with your son?

Have you had a chance to inspect the rim for any signs of physical damage? Did you take the wheel off yourself?
Was any work done to the rim besides a tire replacement? Perhaps tighten loose spokes or replace any lost / damaged spoke nipples?
Hi Tom,
The bike wobbles and i can definately see a dent on the rim. Only 16k . Had not riden it for 2 yrs as i had been riding another bike. Cannot begin to imagine how it happened. Thanks all. Yes i did go on the trip with my son and indeed it was on the 1000 i got from you Tom.
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