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What more can I do?

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I just hate to beat a topic to death but I am out of options. I tried everything I could before asking for advice.
Fuel mileage dropped from 38-42 to 27-32 mpg. The mpg was verified over 10 tanks using GPS.
In the effort to regain fuel mileage I performed maintenance.
Replaced spark plugs
Cleaned air filter (K&N)
Synched the throttle bodies
Checked the TPS
Replaced fuel filter
Adjusted the secondary throttle plates.
Checked tire pressure
Rear sprocket carrier bushings are tight.
Clean and adjusted the chain (16 tooth front sprocket, Stock rear) (Fuel mileage did not go down when I changed to 16 tooth sprocket 10k miles ago)

The bike runs great. Plenty of power and no hick-ups.
2003 DL1000
44k miles
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Did anything change aerodynamically? Windscreen? Addition of panniers?

My drop (same bike, same year) in mileage was similar, and dropped when I added bags and a taller windscreen.

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Check that none of the fuel hoses are leaking. It is not uncommon to have leaks on an older bike, the rubber deteriorates, hoses leak, dried rubber shrinks and fittings become loose. Check for cracking and loose fittings. Also check the condition of the line from the fuel pump to the carburetor.

Replace any old hoses, tightening them is not a good solution if they are ready to be replaced.

Good luck.


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Thanks for all the suggestions.
I have not added (read; Luggage, windshield) or changed anything from the time I got good fuel mileage to now.
I forgot to add this to my first post. In the effort to correct the poor fuel mileage I removed all brake calipers and cleaned the pivot and slide points. I don’t think a brake caliper is the culprit.

The fuel line between the pump and fuel rail was replaced during my first efforts to fix this issue. I inspected the fuel line between the two throttle bodies and it is not cracked, dry or loose.

I adjusted the valves at 10k miles (The bike now has 44k).
I understand if the valves are out of spec it would affect the fuel mileage but wouldn’t it run poorly as well? This bike does not run bad. I am very happy with the power and torque.

Is there a sensor that could cause poor fuel mileage? Temp or O2 sensor?

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I am sure that there are temp sensors both for incomming air (density) and also for engine temp.

There is always an enrichening that occurs when dead cold start up

There is always the suspision that the cams were put back a tooth off. If the mileage turned so of a sudden then I like the sensor theory.

It would always male sense to ulplug clean and plug every connector as high resistence or sinking to ground will cause crazy readings and the ECU to react badly

What fuel filter did you change?, fuel flow test?

Heh its riding season if it ain't obvious

Ride the Biotch and go thru it over the winter
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