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What maintenance/mods/farkles did you do to your Strom today?

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- I cleaned and lubed the chain.

- Installed my new mirror extenders.
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A friend gave me a set of Suzuki DL650 handguards a few years ago, finally decided to put them on today for the cooler weather. They seem to increase buffeting since they direct wind off my hands and into my face. I'll just use them in the cool weather.
I checked valves for the 2nd time at 30,000 miles and was thinking that all would be in spec, and they were until I checked the last valve and it's too tight, damn!! I was hoping I would just be doing an inspection, not an adjustment.
Worked on the front end, new HH brake pads, new fork oil along with Ricor Intiminators.
I lowered my footpegs 4 1/2" (using a combination of Richland Rick plate, Motorcycle Larry brackets and 2" extended, wayy too expensive bracket/arm/pegs from Twisted Throttle, custom foamed and covered with vinyl (my incorrect 650 seat), raising the surface to flat (about 3"higher), raised my Madstad bracket up 4" using my replaced suspension dogbones, installed a Walmart ATV padded seat cover, installed an Airhawk R, covered and extended my (too narrow) footpegs with sections of (replaced) fork springs, installed a power jet (Procom) ECU modifier (too snowy and icy to try it out), about to change 525 17/41 oem chain and sprocket to 530 17/45 set, ordered ProTaper universal low bend bars, Eastern Beaver wire extensions, headlight relays, 5" Rox Riser, about to order 6" longer clutch cable, brake line and throttle lines. Oh, yeah...removed the stock mirrors and installed round bar end type, replaced the Stebel horn (not working) with the Harbor Freight equivalent, removed the front body panels for a 'street fighter' look...any tall people hearing this? Don't let your long legs be a deterrent to comfy riding-any questions?
WOW! Lowered footpegs 4 1/2'', raised the seat 3'', added 5'' Rox risers. :jawdrop: So how tall are you???
Installed an Elka rear shock today. Getting the preload adjuster on the stock shock out and around the ABS box was about as big a PITA is I thought, cutting or disconnecting the hose ran through my mind a few times, but glad I didn't. It can be weaved out. The Elka went in easily since I opted for the manual preload and didn't have to weave a preload adjuster back in. I was concerned the manual preload would be hard to adjust due to lack of room, but it's not to bad as long as your not in a rush. The preload was set at the factory for my weight and it seems to be about right, but I'll need someone else to get a measurement. A test ride to follow.
Had a snow day today so I installed a new RK chain and sprocket set. The original had 30k miles and had some light kinking, the front sprocket was pretty worn. The rear sprocket was still in good shape, and I still had more adjustability in the chain.
Picked up some Speed Bleeders this week, just installed them and bleed my whole brake system in an hour. These things make the job so much easier, a great purchase. I also got their drain hose and bag, so no spilling or leaking, 3 bleeders and bag $27. Here's a link:Home
After spending the winter working on the Wee, I finally finished and gave it a shake down ride yesterday. Today I put all the body work back on to complete the project. Over the winter did the following:

HH sintered front brake pads.
Installed speed bleeders and flushed all brake fluid.
Valve adjustment
Replaced Spark Plugs
Radiator Flush
K&N airfilter
Intalled Ricor Intiminators in forks
Changed fork fluid
Installed Elka shock
New chain & sprocket

At 30K miles it feels like a new bike!
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Installed a Givi XS308 Tankbag which mounts to gas tank ring. I decided to go with this over straps and magnets because of ease of removal for fill ups. My old magnetic tank bag made scratching the tank on removal too easy, unless I was very careful. I used a tailbag regularly for a few years, but it was always a little tough to swing my leg over, and I notice a tankbag eliminates the wind coming from below, so I made the switch. A bit pricey, but about half the price of the SW Motech Bags Connection system.


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Very Nice!

Hey how do you like that Moose +4 windshield?
The Moose shield is definitely an improvement over the stock shield, I can see over it (5'11''), and it was short money.
Installed frame sliders that I picked up from SVRacing today. These will replace my engine guards, skid plate, and highway pegs. I don't do any off roading, so I'll save about 15lbs. and the sliders will double as highway pegs. Still have to test ride it to see if they cause any vibration.

Did test ride: the vibration is almost nothing, but as doubling as highway pegs they're not to comfortable.


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were these the sliders you installed?

SV Racing Parts | Store

and they bolted up to the frame easy-peezy?

thanks in advance.

be well.

They bolt up slightly easier than easy peezy, about 15 minutes.
Not nearly as bad of a job as I thought it would be. I brought the handlebars in at a 45° angle as well. I did not need to extend the brake cable at all. Hopefully this will decrease my back fatigue from leaning over as much!
I'm getting back pain too and am thinking of doing risers, can you give a follow up on how they work for you?
Installed a set of Conti Trail Attacks to replace my Battlewings which lasted 13k miles. This is my 2nd time using the TA's, I forgot that they turn turn in slower, I'll get used to it.
Installed new fork bushings, seals, fluid and Sonic .85 springs with stock spacers along with a new set of Battlewings.
An oil/filter change along with new EK chain with sprockets from Blair at SVRacing, amazingly fast delivery.
Valve adjustment time. 5 out of 8 out of spec.

What the? that a motorcycle?
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Installed most likely my last set of the beloved, (cheap) and now discontinued, Battlewings.
Checked valves for 4th time at 62k miles, no adjustment needed. Flushed Radiator and Replaced Air Filter. BTW, I did have to adjust valves the first two times, and moved a few that where close to being too tight to middle on the third adjustment.

Been having issues with headlight occasionally not working, so I cleaned and greased the black plug behind the radiator. I still need to clean starter switch and install my Eastern Beaver Headlight relay.
Finally got around to installing the Eastern Beaver headlight relay I got in October. It really is "plug and play", tie wrapping the wiring in place was easy too since tank and bodywork were still off from a recent valve check. Between the relays and cleaning and dielectric greasing connectors and switches I hope I've cured my intermittent headlights.
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