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My Givi engine gaurds are on the way...along with about $700 worth of Givi hard bags :shock: :D .

I have already learned through my searches that the stock bolts pretty much suck, but I haven't found what size/type are the recommended replacement. I believe stainless steel is what most seem to be going with, but is there a particular size/length that is best? I'm guessing I just match up to the stock ones unless I add rubber(?) washers/spacers to account for possible vibration issues.

Seems lately there hasn't been near as many vibration issues being reported, so don't know if Givi has addressed the problem. Would rubber be the correct choice if I decided to head off any potential issues, or is there a better option. And do I only account for the added spacer width when picking out bolts, or go a little longer/shorter.

Sorry :oops: ... Just want to make sure I know what the heck I'm doing. I will continue to try different search terms to uncover the answers.

Thanks everybody!

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