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Heyas Strommers, on April 12th I will be heading south from Calgary Canada to take a quick ride through Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada (well Vegas really), California, Oregon, Washington & back into Canada through Victoria and Vancouver then the BC Interior...

Or even some tent space - I am happy to trade dinner or drinks for a free lawn ! haha. :p

If anyone is near my route & up for a bite to eat or a beer along the way, let me know.

Here is the Map Link on Google Maps : Coho's Western US tour

I have a general trip route planned, and hope to see somethings like :

-The Grand Canyon
-Hoover Dam
-Vegas (might take a couple days there)
-Death Valley (have to ride it ONCE)
-*maybe the Bodie CA Ghost Town*
-Laguna Seca ! (anyone know how I can ride a lap or 2 - just to say I've done it ?)
-Golden Gate bridge (not sure what there is to do in San Fran, is Alcatraz worth the tour ?)
-Then *maybe Infineon Raceway (aka Sears Point)
-Up the US West Coast highways to the Redwoods,
-Seattle (just love the city, might be just passing through)
-Victoria BC to Nanaimo
-My hometown of Vancouver
-Then home to Calgary via Coquihalla & Trans Canada Highway.
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