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Weird front sprocket wear?

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Hey guys - I just recently changed my chain and sprockets but started getting a whining / wirring noise. I thought at first I may have had the chain too tight so I loosened it up but still this noise was there. So I changed to the old front sprocket and the noise was gone.

Here are some pics of the "new" sprocket:

Really weird looking witness marks on the inside of the teeth.

Full background: I swapped this 16 tooth sprocket in for a few hundred km's before I changed the chain and rear sprocket (to try it out to see if I liked it). So, the front sprocket was run for a short time with the old chain (I'm talking 200KM max). The old 17 tooth front had some slight wear on it (at the rear of the teeth like from acceleration) so I swapped it around. It's totally quiet. The old chain and sprockets were not at all noisy - just the chain was stretched as you could pull it away from the rear sprocket. Bike has 30KM on it.

Ideas? Is this somehow the wrong size sprocket? Or is it cut incorrectly? I can't imagine a few hundred KM's run on the old chain ruining this sprocket? It's an RK 52516-C5041 which is a 16 tooth 525 sprocket. Chain is a DID 525ZVM-X so not a cheap one by any means.

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Looks screwed up. But putting a worn chain on a new sprocket is something I have never tried.
Never seen that before. It is almost as though the new chain rollers are not perfectly true.
Quiet front sprocket, add a new chain, sprocket becomes noisy. Conclusion?
The only exception might be chain alignment.
I'd buy another 16T of a different brand for comparison before looking at the chain.
might be chain alignment.
I'd start here. Easy to diagnose
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Happened on a Montesa I had. The wheel alignment was out due to a bend in the swing arm. Fixed that and it fixed the problem. I think your problem was wheel alignment.
Does your old front sprocket have rubber noise dampeners on it?

Sprockets without will be noisier.

That sprocket in the pic looks OK to me To soon to try to determine wear patterns IMO.
Seems like it could only be a chain alignment issue all other things being equal. I will dig further and see what I can find. I did have the rear wheel off to change the rear sprocket but it came off easily and went back on the same so IDK. No missing spacers or washers. Maybe it has the "too big" spacer issue in the cush drive like the 1st gen ones had?
Nope - but some have had issues after installing the spacers the wrong way around.
Older model 1000 but probably similar/same.
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