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Hello, just discovered this forum and signed up immediately. Been a-ridin for 30+ years, mostly BMWs. Finally got tired of the "Bring More Wampum"s and got out. Then in April 2011 I stumbled across this lowly use blue 07 Wee at the MC dealer, 2500 miles. They sold it to me for a song just to git rid of it. Woohoo! On the road again! It came with hand guards, Sargent seat, and Suzuki frame sliders. The frame sliders came in handy about 2 weeks ago when a pickup tagged my right rear box and the bike went down.

Added Happy Trails boxes, a MadStad W/S, and a tank bag. Total cost of add-ons was less than the cost of a 12,000 mile service on my last BMW! For those who think the Wee has some rough edges, well, it does have a few. But that's part of the fun of owning one. Nothing that a little thought and cruising the forums cant sort out.

Headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend to try my Wee out on the Parkway and over to the Dragon.

Hasta la Vista!
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