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Wee - Wheel bearings. Which go out?

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Looking through the parts catalog for the Wee and noticed that there are three bearings for the rear wheel and two for the front. It appears that two in the rear are the same (2 x 20x47x14 and 1 x 32x65x17) and the two up front are the same (2 x 17x40x12).

Ok, now my newbie question. I learned the hard way that when I am on my Valk, I always carry a spare single race bearing for the rear (which also fits the front if required) after just so happening to throw one in my bag when I went up to Minnesota and then having to change it out in a museum parking lot (with a lot of help from my friends). I only bring the single one because the double bearing on the rear doesn't take any torque and I have never heard of one going out.

So, my question is, what should I purchase and pack as backup bearings to keep in my bag? Are all of the bearings taking torque and weight or is there one (or two) that are the main culprits to blow out or seize on me? Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated. I haven't torn into the rear yet, so have not looked at which bearings would take most of the wear yet.

(Changing a rear single race bearing on the Valk in a parking lot - not much fun, but not bad with the help from my friends).

Because when they go.....they go..........

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I replaced the OEM wheel bearings with sealed wheel bearings at around 28,000 miles. They seem to be fine, 65,000 miles later.
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