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*Wee* water pump replacement advice

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My water pump is leaking. The manual says to drain the oil. Is this necessary?

Should I replace the seals or just buy the whole thing if that is a reasonable option cost wise, assuming that all the gaskets and seals come with a new pump. I do not have a press to replace bearings.

It appears to be a simple job if I replace the whole pump. Drain, unbolt, replace, refill? :yesnod: say yes...
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The oil and coolant have to be drained to take the clutch cover off which is required to take off the water pump. If the extra cost of a new pump over the time and, possibly, tools it takes to disassemble the old pump and replace the seals is worth it to you, replacing the entire pump is a fine idea. You'll need a new clutch cover gasket in any case. See for details on rebuilding and replacing a water pump.
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