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After riding my Wee to the Reno gathering I noticed even with proper suspension set up some deficiencies. So off to the suspension Guru at AfterShocks in Palo Alto, Ca. in and around the San Fran area. He has done my FJR and my KLX300 this year.
He will use the original shock and spring cuz it will work. Put a spacer in the rear shock. Use a Penske remote reservoir with compression dampening. Revalve the rear shock.
He will put emulators in the front shocks, re-valve them and do a spring mod.
Also while it is in the shop he will replace the front brake lines with SS lines and put on new pads as I found the brakes a little on the soft side for my liking.
Phil is the real deal and even tries to save you money without compromising the end result.
Results to follow.
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