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Wee Shopping!

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Saved up, got my M1 endorsement, ready to buy my very first motorcycle at age 59, have decided it will be a Wee. Looking at first generation models for cost purposes. Q: spend $3,000 for a Wee with 30 or 40,000 miles, or spend $4,000 on a Wee with 20,000 or under? These seem to be the prices in my area. What say you, hive mind?
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More important is the maintenance that's been done, or not done on the bike. Valve checks, chain and sprocket replacement, condition of the tires, brake fluid and coolant replacement, all of those should have or could have been done with 20 or 30 thousand miles on it. Some owners will have good receipts and records, others not. Sometimes you can tell by the general condition of the bike and by the seller if things have been cared for. If necessary, you could bring a knowledgeable friend along to check out the bikes you look at. With proper maintenance, I wouldn't worry a bit about 40,000 miles on these bikes. Heck, even with haphazard maintenance, that's not many miles on these.
Good luck in your search, ride safe and have fun !
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Look for a clean, well kept model. If you want luggage, I recommend that you try to find a bike that already has a good set since it will likely cost the same as a bike without. 20-40,000 miles is not really a lot of difference, but condition is.

FYI - I have a 2008 since 2015 and love it. We sold a VERY nice 2006 Red 650 with most of the extras with 24,000 miles for $3,200 and had to wait for the right buyer. Looked showroom new with Givi luggage, OEM heated grips, Givi windshield, good tires, crash guards, centerstand etc.
Not sure of your location, but a decent looking 650 with low mikes and extras for $2,500 just listed in Troy, AL. Facebook marketplace.
I don't know where you're at but I still can't believe someone hasn't scooped up this beautiful white WEE
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