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this is some info regarding Mean City Cycles in Maiden NC... a company that can/will transform your OEM seat with you in it (ride in) or by mail.

i had just pulled 2800 miles in 5 days on my new wee in April and had a good idea of how i wanted to mod the OEM seat. i want it slightly higher for my knees, wider for my arse and less dished out in the middle to keep me from perpetually sliding fwd. i also wanted denser, firmer state of the art foam.

this cost me $140 for everything (no tax)... i was in/out the door in about 2 hours because when i arrived for my appointment i was the sole focus of their attention. my 'ride in' was last week - May 20th.

also after my 2800 mile ride i was seriously looking at the Richland Rich peg lowers - but with this mod my knees are doing so much better that I plan to wait till after my next long run before final decision on that. i can already tell by the 350 mile ride back that this was a day and night change in my arse-ometer. i had no pain at all anywhere - so i estimate that i have gained 200 miles per day of comfort. that equates to 4-500 miles for me.

i am 5'11" - 190lbs - 32" inseam

getting the cut out:

shaping the new foam:

perfectly smoothed foam and you can see the extra saddle width now (also note: "coccyx" slot):

additional full foam overwrap:

top moisture barrier:

reskinned again:

final product (note that the deep scoop is gone):

a flatter saddle/wing shape (more subtle than - but similar to some of the popular after market seats):

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