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I posted this on VSRI so I appologize for duplicity for those of you that post or lurk there.

We just booked a week in Pacific City, Oregon for mid June and I was looking at the pub adjacent to the resort. It's called the Pelican and has a brewery that makes a Wee Beer...well actually it's Wee Heavy Ale. Guess I'll have to try one or two of those and report back as to whether it's a good farkle for the Wee.

My wife and I are planning to ride down the coast, her on the Burgman 400 and me on my Wee. Sure looking forward to exploring the area and having a Wee Ale.

Any suggestions on must see stuff in the area is appreciated though SWMBO is surfing full tilt on the Internet gathering info....gotta give her credit for finding the Wee Beer
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