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A friend and I are planning a run at a leg of the WBCDR from Rim Rock Lake to Ellensburg this Saturday. We have info from RV ranger that Bethel Ridge is clear, kind of!! NEVER TOO OLD just was kind enough to install a set of Shinko 705's on my Wee. Now I am wondering what you guys air down to for the dirt. So far, I haven't found it neccessary to lower the pressure on the rides I have done thus far on the Wee.
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I only air down if I plan on being off road for more than thirty miles or am not being lazy. I take em down to 20psi. I definitely feel like I have more grip when I do, and it absorbs some of the jolts when on rocky terrain. And let me tell you there are some pretty rocky areas from 410 to 90 ellensburg

I did this without airing down. wish I had though

have fun.
post up when done.
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