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I had taken my K6 DL1000 into the shop for a couple of problems - a small surging problem,
and some vibration issues.

Instead of doing what I thought they would do - the dealer just said, we'll order you a new ECU". OK - I would think the TBS, TPS, etc. would be the first step.

My schedule got in the way of getting the replacement ECU put in ubtil just before my trip
to Vermont. When I picked it up, the vibration issue was better (not gone, but better), but the surging seemed worse. They said they did the TBS, etc., and I should ride it for a bit and bring it back if it needed it. OK - I'll be back after my trip, I tell them.

The first 3 days of the trip were fine - good roads out through WV, PA, NY and VT. - day 4
started a "off pavement" ride (mostly state maintained dirt roads), and the bike was fine,
except for a studder at 2500-3000 rpm that was much stronger than the surge problem ever was.

Day 5, I started the bike, and it started backfiring under the tank - yup, the injector had popped out of the boot. I could accelerate/decelerate fine - but holding a constant speed
at 2500-3000 rpm made it pop at the injector.

Seeing as this was a warranty item, I went to the local Suzuki dealer Land/Air - they tell
me to leave the bike for a day or two... I'm on vacation, can't you do anything? Sorry, too busy was the answer.

I ask them about just putting the injector back in - that they will do, and take it in. To
my surprise, they want $48.00 for this instead of covering it under warranty. I'm stuck. so
I pay - I'll fight this later.

About a hour and a half after I leave, it blows the injector again - happy, I ain't!!
I call my dealer in VA. - to my surprise, he offers to overnight my old ECU back to me since it didn't act THIS bad. I put it in, and it's better than before - still surges/stumbles
a bit around 2500-3000, and since I was on pavement, I didn't just stay around those rpms like I did on the dirt roads.

Looking at the two ECU's I notice that the "replacement" one looks older than the stock one my bike had. Here are the markings...

Stock ECU Replacement ECU

06G70 06G61
MGT080 MGT079
F8T96274 F8T96273
5131 6314

So - that's where we are right now - the dealer here wants to look at the bike, and I'll get it over there soon.

It really did screw up a good vacation - I hate having to worry about crap like this.

I'll post more as I find out things - looks like I might have to get on the Yosh Box list.

Take care all,
Bob S.

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If I were you, I'd call the Suzuki customer service and tell them your story, especially giving them the ECM information, and ask if they might extend you a little goodwill like reimbursing you for the $48 and/or having one of their tech wizards help the dealer solve your problem for good. Happy Trails!
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