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want your wee to sound like a ktm adventure, or $700 leo vince exhaust?

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I did a search but not too much out there for what i want. Maybe i missed it.

I took the chrome cap off and drilled three 3/8" holes in the back of the end cap. Then i opened up one hole to 9/16". Then I cut 1" off the exh outlet. Then I replaced the chrome end cap. Did things one at a time but this is what i ended up with. Barely louder but lower and more italian or ktm like sound. Absoutely love it. No inside work done, and the chrome cap not drilled, so back pressure is hardly changed. I love it. Sounds like the leo vince full system on the strom on youtube to me.

I didn't want loud but i didnt want the honda goldwing whisper quiet sound either, that stock is. I like quiet in the woods, so my dirt bike is stock. Loud on my cruiser so it's gutted stock end baffle and removed end cap. Not the loudest harley sound but no longer a goldwing quiet. My wee was too sedate but i dont want loud; just different. I ride with some ktms and they sound beautiful and sexy.
Now so does my wee!!!

[screws on back are tackwelded..i used a cutoff wheel on my cordless ryobi from home depot to cut the tacks off. Scratches the back up but my wee is beat to hell with scratches/stuff from the trails i never shoulda gone on. Wasnt gonna let those ktm's show up the wee though! ]
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Awesome, any pictures and sound clips?
i'm upgrading my iphone soon so i'll post some up then. Might be a couple weeks tho'.. :-(

it sounds this good to me
But in reality it sounds like this,
Arrowhead 06 03 09 - YouTube

Never got around to welding it back up but always wanted to. Don't mind the rest of the video, just two brothers acting like dorks.
hmm....maybe at idle, but mine is defn more like the Leo when revving..sounds like a ktm990 when those bastiges pull away from me coming out of the turns;all i hear is cool exh rev up as they disappear :-(

might be my catcon adds another variable to it?

Arrowhead looks pretty good dude..where's that?
i need to get a better phone and post a video.. got a few miles in and I'm loving the difference...even during deceleration if i dont clutch. Of course i like to clutch during decel, easier on the engine, but the engine breaking does sound gooooood.
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