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Another post from Jester, who typically just lurks and reads and reads and reads.

I, like many others here and on several other forums, have the same surging, popping, stalling, 3500RPM belch on my DL1000K6.

I made and appointment at the dealer to have it looked at and was requested by my dealer to do the following:

Call Suzuki customer service and let them know the issues that you are having that the dealer cannot repair under warranty terms. Inform them that you are upset that a new machine isn't working up to minimum expectations and that throttle surging and stalling is an extremely hazardous issue.

The dealer said it has far more traction with Suzuki when a customer calls them than the dealers talking to their reps about re-occuring issues with certain models. They (the dealer you tell them is servicing your ride) will then have their rep start asking what the problems are and then they can let loose with the barrage. At minimum, Suzuki will pre-approve the service charges under warranty to have your bike looked at.

My dealer is well aware of the problems that plague certain bikes but due to warrantly and other issues (EPA being one of them) they can't just jump in an start playing with the ECU or even checking throttle sync, etc until Suzuki basically tells them to "do whatever it takes" to make the customer happy. I know the guys at the dealership and I don't think they aren't jerking me around (of course, they need paid for their time and resources, it is a business so they aren't going to do it for free... but the bottom line is warranty should cover these issues).

If I (or we) can't get Suzuki to address our issues, looks like I will be in the market for a set of cans and a commander.... bummer to spend another 1000 on a new bike to make it run correctly.

Here is the info for Suzuki customer service (from
714-572-1490 (0830-1700 PST)
Also, from Suzuki's website:
It is essential to have your facts organized and available before calling us. This will speed the resolution process. Relevant information would include the following: model, vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, date of purchase, selling and servicing dealer, names of dealer staff you have approached already plus a summary of your needs and expectations.


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The issue of what can be done, is VERY much up to the dealer and the local Suzuki rep. Suzuki is aware of this issue, and allot depends on how much the dealer will get involved. Not bashing your dealer...but they aren't making any money off of you. They would be VERY happy to play with your bike outside of warranty. I have talked to 2 local dealers in my area, one of which is top notch. They were both aware of this issue, and I am confident that it would get resolved quickly. The secret is getting in good with a Suzuki rep. They alone....have the power to "git er done"! Them not willing to "try" and tune your bike up, or troubleshoot the problem, is complete Bullcrap!!!! :evil: The 06 models seem to have been pretty much cured with a new ECM. But......if the the TPS, TB's, throttle cables etc.....aren't adjusted right, you may have a perfect bike and not realize it. THESE BIKES ARE NOT SET UP WELL FROM THE FACTORY!!!! SAD BUT VERY TRUE. :wink:

Don't take no for an a complete asshole!!!!!!
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