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Hi all,

I am hoping someone could provide me with some guidance.

I recently moved to Australia. Sadly, I had to let my bike go. The good news is that I am in a position to start riding again and I am excited to explore a new country on two wheels.

In a nutshell, I have two options.
2012 model for $6000 with 42,111 km and many extras from a dealer which includes 'accountability' and 6-month warranty.
2015 XT model for $8500 with 3,786 km and some extras privately, no warranty. I would probably have to spend another $500 to add all of the extras the older model has.

What would you buy?

More details below:

I have the opportunity to buy a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650. I am certain the storm is the bike I want for many reasons. The main aim really is to explore the country, sometimes 2 up. I need some guidance whether the opportunity is a good one or if I should rather wait for something else.

Here are the facts:
Bike is second hand from dealer and will include 6-month dealer warranty
Bike will get serviced when I purchase
Price $5800 - I have been monitoring the market and this is about $1500 below market. There are a few reasons for the price which makes sense. This includes everything such as roadworthy, transfer and tax.

Year: 2012 (gen 2)
km: 42 111
Has owners manual
Full service history
2 Keys
Ventura Rack and Givi side rack
Bash Plate
Center Stand
Barkbuster hand guards
oxford heated grips
Touring screen

Overall condition: Medium
Has seen some offroad, has knobblies, scrapped crash bars, and exhaust. The frame and forks look good and straight. Some of the plastics look a little roughed up.

My concerns are that the bike was taken off the road and it was likely ridden hard. The owner seemed to look after it well and was due for an upgrade.

My alternatives are to buy privately, i.e. no warranty and will cost a bit more to get it n my name. I can get a 2015 650 XT model for $8200 with 3,786 km.
Including heated grips,
quick release top box,
driving lights,
tank bags,
The bike is in as new condition.

The price difference will be close to $2500 which is quite significant.


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My personal "lean" is towards the lower mileage XT. Fewer miles = less wear and tear on the entire bike. Plus, the bike is more "virginal" meaning there is less likelihood of your having to fix something the previous owner installed incorrectly.

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If you are going to ride quite a bit off pavement, the spoked wheels would be worth the difference to me and the low mileage a bonus. Of course I am a bit biased towards the XT;)

Make sure the 2012 has had the tappet recall done and the stator recall. The 2015 should have only needed a stator recall. Check for recalls hear:
Suzuki Cycles - Recalls

If not done, negotiate the inconvenience of doing it into the price.

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I have a 2015 standard model for sale $7500 only 10500km like new services by dealer. All recalls done

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