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Vstrom 1000 Oil Change

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Hey all, I know that most of us know how to do their own oil change. But hopefully if there's someone out there on the fence about doing their own maintenance, here's a quick tutorial video we made recently. This should technically apply to the 2014-2019 Vstroms.
To summarize:
10W-40 3100ml (with filter change)
Filter: 16510-07j00 or you can use FRAM PH6018 or other brands
Tools needed: 17mm socket/wrench and probably a 4mm Allen Key if you have the OEM plastic engine guard.

Sometimes there are great videos out there for maintenance items, but they can be almost half an hour long. My attention span is the equivalent of a goldfish's, so I try to make the videos concise and quick.
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hey good responses thanks guys. i ended up doing the homework. its not a very high oil standard. seems to be linear. i think i ended up using some... master something oil from oreillys for like 7 a quart. bit odd that the manual asks for premium. but k.

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So instead I would recommend that hamfisted people put a proper foolproof drain in. Something like this: Buy Fumoto® Valve Online | Replace Oil Drain Plug
I love the Fumoto valves. Every one of my cars and trucks has had one installed since early 2003. Not a drop of oil leakage from any.
Just yesterday I did my 600mi oil/filter change and was thinking about the Fumoto. But I'm just a little leery about anything hanging down on the bike. I do have Suzuki's plastic guard on, but....
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