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I currently ride a SuperHawk 1000. I am getting a bit older and want a more upright ride. I like V's and received very positive feedback while driving the Pacific highway, from a VStrom rider I met out there. He said it was great on the twisties and could ride it all day. I am concerned about what it will take to make the bike right. My VTR is dead on, never a problem. A bike shouldn't be. I am looking at a new 08. Is there anything I should insist the dealer do to properly prep the bike before taking delivery, to make it a reliable ride? Should I just up the idle to 1100 and then deal with mapping etc, after a few hundred miles? The salesman said he's never heard of the problems I am reading about. The stalling, ruff running at lower rpm's, etc. He said if it was a concern, have the shop do a sync on the carbs, do the Yoshi thing and change the filter to a K&N. It should quell any possible issues.
Anyway, if you who know, knowing what you do now, and dealing with an 08, what does the bike need?
I love the site. It's every bit as good as the SuperHawk forum.
Thanks in advance. :D
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