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Vista Cruise throttle lock

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Has anyone purchased and used the Vista Cruise throttle lock? The Atlas Throttle Lock 2 looks good, but $145 bucks鈥uch! Also like the idea if the Cramp Buster, but you can鈥檛 take your hand off to stretch. Appreciate any feedback 馃憤

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I have the universal vista cruise throttle lock, works pretty well and easy to install. Gives your hand a little rest - I didn't like the "scissor" type clamp.
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Thanks for the reply GFHV. I think being able to pull your hand off the throttle for even a couple of minutes, to stretch both hand and shoulder would make a big difference on longer rides. Did you need to modify the install?
This is what I use, the smaller Vista. Minor adaptation required.
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Atlas is a beautiful piece!
I own one and it will be the first thing I install on my next bike.
I have a similar throttle lock and it does work but it鈥檚 not really needed since I鈥檓 always using a cramp buster. It is handy on trips more than a few hours but it takes up quite a bit of space and with this particular type, you have to adjust it just right. Too tight and it holds the throttle even when it鈥檚 not engaged, too loose and it loses throttle when it is engaged. It took a few tries to find that sweet spot but for ~$25, it鈥檚 a handy mod for sure. I have a 2021 DL650A XT and no modifications were needed for the install. Here鈥檚 the one I picked up off of Amazon: GUAIMI Cruise Control Throttle... 馃憤
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This is what I use, the smaller Vista. Minor adaptation required.
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I just ordered this same thing. Any tips on installation would be appreciated! What did you have to modify?
I had to make a small tab to anchor it to so it won't spin. My H/bars are too close to the tank at full lock, so I put the locking tab pointing down, to avoid the tank. I lock it with my thumb, & release it with my index finger. This also keeps my hand fully on the grip.
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Mildly off-topic, but I've been challenged at finding a throttle lock that will work with my Koso Apollo heated grips. I love the Atlas I bought, but it just won't work.

For now I'm back to using a Crampbuster on longer trips.
I used the Kaoko throttle lock on my 2017 650 (with Barkbusters); got everything from Twisted Throttle, and Kaoko confirmed the fit. Nice clean fit without all of the extra parts, springs, etc.
Feel free to use my email if they want to look up the parts: [email protected]

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