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Pending a likely upcoming purchase, I may just have myself a V-Strom 650 that's not blue which I would probably want to make blue. :) I'm thinking of going the vinyl wrap route, because painting would be expensive, or I'd screw it up, or both. I've googled much here and elsewhere, but I have some questions which I'm hoping y'all can answer:

  1. What colour of 3M vinyl would be closest to the Metallic Triton Blue that was available on the 2015 models? (Or the similar blue shades available on 2007 and 2004 models?)
  2. What's a good source for logo stickers to put on the new vinyl (to "replace" the logo stickers I'd be covering up on the original paint)?
  3. I saw a video elsewhere where someone was using a spray mixture of rubbing alcohol and water to keep the vinyl from sticking right away, to make it easier to place things properly and move them around a bit as required. Does anyone here have experience with this?
  4. There are lots of different "I vinyl wrapped my Strom!" threads here in different subforums; maybe we could put things together in a sticky?
  5. Anything else I should know or worry about?
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