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Vibes Man?

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OK, here is the deal my bike has got 42,000 + miles, it's running well, no issues to speak of. But, as of late I have noticed a pretty significant increase in vibration from the motor from around 5000 RPM's and up. I feel it in the bars, seat and pegs.

Also it is not coming from the crash bars as they were added a while back and I just re torqued the bolts on them.

So any ideas? Any input would be appreciated.
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Check the motor mounts, then check the starter/stator to see if anything is loose. Such a vibe would might point to worn main bearings. This is a total guess not having more there ya go.

Any idea what the torque specs are on the motor mounts? The stator would a PITA to access, but you think that could possibly be it. I'll first start with the motor mounts and go forward. The smaller motor mounts (eight total) the ones that hold my crash bars in place I just torqued. But I have not retorqued the large motor mount that goes through the motor. (I need the torque specs on that one)

Chain was replaced about 12,000 miles ago tension and alignment is fine.

Have not done the TB sync as of yet.

Thanks for the responses, keep them coming.
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