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T shirts

2 attendees have express an interest in the T shirts so I bring the topic up again.

Regardless the T shirts would be about $20 each

Post here or at the events thread that you WILL bring money to the event to get one. You will pay even if you have to cancel, I don't want anybody stuck. Even though this flies in the face of my motto
"No good deed wil go unpunished"

Note Routes are now available at 2 sources.

My HD Ride Planner
Vermont Gaps 820
VT NE Kingdom 820

The have also been translated to regular GPX by Bigman 73 and are found at

If link doesn't work go to thread in events go up to Bigman 73 post and use that link

Vermont Gaps 820: Final.gpx

VT NE Kingdom 820: final.gpx
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