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Vermont Strom Adventure Attendees

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I have just got back from a 1 week camping trip in the North East Kingdom of Vermont

I have altered the afternoon ride to include some other FUN roads. They are like they will be on the ride ie FINAL EDIT

The HD Ride Planner files are still

"Vermont Gaps 820"

"VT NE Kingdom 820" final edit 7-23-11


This also helps in light of the increased LEO activity I have seen in the North. I wistfully remember riding all day and never seeing a LEO other than the expressways. There are statees actively collecting money from citizens now.
The new VT NE Kingdom has fewer "main" roads and as such I hope less "Imperial Involvement"

We are less than a month away hope many show up
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Vermont gaps

Living within 30 minutes of the "App Gap", I know it is one of the best motorcycle roads in Vermont. I try to ride it a couple times a week. I have even been up there when there was SNOW on the ground. I have friends from NH who come up Rt 100 just to ride the "App Gap".

If planned properly, one can do the "East Middleburry gap", "Lincoln Gap" and the "App Gap" in succession. They all go over the same mountain range hence are close to each other. (And all terminate on the famed Rt 100)

"App Gap" ==> Appalachian Gap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This bicycling website goes even further and covers 6 gaps
Six Gaps of Vermont

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My wife and I just moved to Rhode Island. We have a 10 day trip planned to explore New England and were so excited to find your rally and add it to our plans. We'll have our Vstrom there on Friday. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Kenny and Kandice Young
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