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Going to go and see Aliens and Clowns on Saturday 8/29/15
Just seeing if anyone in the Vegas area wants to join in.
Meet up would be at the Iron Skillet North of Vegas by the Race Track about 6am for breakfast.
Ride to Ash Springs Nevada for fuel and Restroom break.
Then over to Rachel Nevada to visit the Little A le Inn.
Earthlings Welcome at Little A'Le'Inn (too)
Then over to Tonopah because I want a pic of my bike in front of the Haunted Clown Hotel :grin2:
About 158 mile run from fuel in Ash Springs to Tonopah, fine for Stroms but if any other type of bike might be a fuel stretch.
Then a run to Beatty where a fuel and restroom break will be at the Nut and Candy Factory.
Death Valley Nut & Candy - 70 Photos - Candy Stores - Beatty, NV - Reviews - Yelp
Then its about 110 miles back to Vegas.
Should be about a 500 mile day.
Also posted at
Anyone interested?

Aliens and Clowns ride Saturday 8/29/15
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